LG GSA-4167B Vs BenQ DW1640



Hey, which is better?

the LG has 5x DVD-RAM, the BenQ has 8X DVD+R DL…

Although the LG is tri format, i dont think it has many of those features like solidburn and tilt control of the benq…

Does the BenQ read C2 errors?




I guess you really need to answer this one yourself. Are you going to use DVD-RAM or are you going to use DL media?

Personally I’d go for the BenQ but that’s because I have no real need for -RAM and I love all of the tools and features the BenQ has.

Any yes the 1640 does report C2 errors. :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:
Regarding C2 error reporting.
Surely the answer is yes/no.
BenQ says that the 1640 does not report C2 errors.
Nero Info Tool says the same.
In diagram 1 see C2 errors nil.
In diagram 2 see C2 errors nil. Same disc but with a felt tip marker drawn hafway across it.
In diagram 3 see C2 errors max 46. Same disc but with a felt tip marker drawn all the way across it.
After the introduction of the felt tip the data on the disc was in affect useless. So yes error reporting can take place, but in reality it’s a no if disc is usable.


Regarding C2 error reporting.
Benq reports C2 errors during Disc Quality Test by CD Speed.
Benq don’t reports C2 errors by mmc command READCD(0xBE).
Therefore C2 use by EAC (or Feurio, CDDAE) with Benq is impossible.


zeebadee and GeoN, thanks for the info guys :slight_smile:


Well well, thanks…

but which 1 will you say is better over the other, after comparing the ups/downs