LG GSA-4167B USB 2.0 Firmeware Update



:confused: Hi All: Just purchased a LG GSA-4167B using a USB 2.0 connection via an ANLIX USB 2.0 External Enclosure. The firmware version that came with the drive is version DL10. There are later firmware versions available, DL11, DL12 and DL13. I would like to update to the latest version, DL13. Can I do it by downloading the DL13 zip file and just unzipping it or will I have a problem because it is using a USB external connection. There are no instructions on the LG download site for a USB connected firmware update. Any insight would be most appreciated.


I’ve only been able to update externally using a prolific chipset flashed to the lg firmware.


I had the identical query, just read my posts 1,2 & 9 in this thread:


Hope this helps.


Thanks Jaigee: Thats the answer I was looking for, now if I can only get up enought courage …


Flashing when the drive is in an external case will work with some cases and not with others. The only way to know for certain is to try.


Does anyone know if the manufacturer of the external case is important? My drive came in a box that said Anlix External Case but looks exactly like the Match 5251 as shown on webpage www.match.net.cn/5251.htm, a chinese website.


The brand of the chipset used in the case is probably more important than the brand.


Anyway to determine the chipset used in this case? Am really getting an education here.


Two things I can think of :

  1. Search around the web and see if you can dig up some review on the case or a website selling the case which provides details about the chipset.

  2. Open the case and have a look at the chipset yourself,

The website showing above mentions something which might actually be the chipset used :

  • Genesys logic
  • GL811

I don’t know enough about external cases to tell though. Might be a better idea to do a search for those two items instead and see if they are the chipset of the case. If so, then you don’t need to go around trying to figure out the chipset of the case.