LG GSA-4167B strange burning

I have a DVD Writer from LG (GSA-4167B , firmware DL12) and I noticed that it started burning my DVDs (any kind) leaving a long mark on them (as you’ll see in the attached picture)… I thought I couldn’t read those DVDs but I tested them with Nero and there were no problems with reading… anybody knows what causes this ??

I have never seen anything like that after a burn.

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Presumably not there before a burn, like an imperfection in the dye.

I’ve seen something like this before but mine was along the “grain” of the tracks, rather than across them. It only appeared after burning. In my case, the disc was unreadable past the point where the imperfection was. It was clearly some kind of manufacturing defect with the media.

Mine appeared no matter what writer I used (tried 4 different ones). If possible, try the discs on another writer. If you get the same thing, then it is almost definitely a media defect. If that is this case, even if the discs can be read back, I wouldn’t trust them to work over time.

What is your media ID?

That stamper code (what I can see of it) is Verbatim I think…

That’s definitely a strange looking disc though :eek: - I’d be interested to see if the same media shows the mark when burned with a different drive (as suggested).

Thanks for all your feedback…
I don’t think this is an imperfection of the media … I get this problem with every disc I try (Verbatim, LG, Princo etc)…Fortunately I never experienced any problems with those discs yet… (the one in the Picture is a Verbatim)…
Anyway, I guess I should replace it (I have one more year of warranty)

Maybe update the firmware to DL13 and see if there’s an improvement?

Worth a shot if you’re thinking of replacing it anyway…