LG GSA 4167B & Roxio 8 [help]

Dear all,

I did my first burn with LG GSA 4167B with Roxio 8 on to a 16x DVD+R (Memorex) disc producing a data disc containing some avi files. But they read ok on my LG GSA 4167B but not on my other computers combi drive (dvd rom reader only) or my dvd player (which can read avi files - although not play them well). I have updated the firmware to DL12 before I did the burn.

(I have a 800MHz AMD duron and a Elitegroup mainboard k7VZA).

All I wanted was a simple data DVD+R disc that can be read in other computers not necessarily the dvd home player.

Does anyone know what i might have done wrong? Is the new 16X disc too new for the combi drive?

Thanks in advance.

This problem can be due to a media issue. Memorex media are know to not be the best media around.

Try with a different media or to burn at a different speed. If you burned @16 try @12x. If you burned @4x, then try @12x: 4x is not a good choice for high speed certified media.

Geno is right about Memorex & burn speed but it’s also possible that the data disc is not being finalised or closed in which case no other system would be able to read it.

In Roxio 7.5 I’d use Classic Creator & by default when you go to burn the Read Only box is unchecked which means it’s going to create a multisession disk which other systems would have problems with. I know Roxio 8 has changed considerably ( & I don’t like the changes) but I would suspect that it would do the same as earlier versions.

well i found out that the combi drive is a dvd-rom and that it is most
likely that old drives won’t read the dvd+r format…hence the minus sign in dvd-rom right?

Apparently dvd-r is approved by the dvd forum and that dvd+r is not even though it is supported by many companies. I think since the combi drive is old and that dvd-r came out before dvd+r thats why the combi drive cant read the disc. Also i tried a dvd-r in the combi drive burnt by a friend which read ok.

Geno888 i burnt at 4x since i dont think my comp could hack the 16x burn but will have a go at a faster rate or try that program i read a few days ago to see if i can achive a 21mb/sec transfer rate. What media do you recommed? I hear verbatim gets good comments might try that next time.

As for the dvd player not sure why it didnt work. Dvd booklet says disc
should be iso 9660 and video format. Normally if it cant play it it still can ‘see’ whats on the disc.

TimC i did make sure the disc was closed via the advanced options. I did use the creator classic instead of the recordnow program.

many thanks for help guys.

Verbatim are a fairly safe bet & easy to find. There’s a question mark over their 8x media as I gather that they don’t manufacture these themselves any more.

As you’ll have read Taiyo Yuden are the best so if you find these easily them get these otherwise get the Verbs.

As I said, to burn a 16x media @4x usually give very bad results.

You should use different media, 8x certified if you find some, or better 4x certified.

As you’ll have read Taiyo Yuden are the best so if you find these easily them get these otherwise get the Verbs.

I never new this. Is this media good for all burners generally or just the LG gsa 4167b?

Funny i got to go back and buy some slower discs :slight_smile: . Back when i had a cd burner faster discs at slower burns was ok.

Taiyo are the best media for any burner, not only for LG.

DVDs are different from CDs. For dvds the best speed to burn is around the certified speed of the media. For example, a 16x media should be burner @16x or @12x, max @8x. Burning a 16x media @4x usually give a coaster.

cool taiyo it is then. Got to hunt that down. just doing a scan of that memorex disc using dvdinfo pro on roxio 8 tools. Its taking forever (2 hrs!) and found 900 LBA errors and 4 red spots so far and im not even half way there yet.

A scan with a LG drive? :eek:

LG drives don’t support scans :disagree:

would do you mean LG drives don’t support scans? :frowning:

I am using roxio 8’s dvdinfo pro to do it. I read a dvd-r (hispace) burnt by a Benq and there were no errors on that.

But this memorex is totally a coaster i think.

This is not a scan. It seems a transfer rate test.

This is a scan :wink:

so only nero cd dvd can do scans right? This is a free program i think…

Yeah it was a tranfer rate test but also measure errors on the disc. So whats good for PI errors (<280 right is good?) and PO has to be less than 32 to be good? What is good PIF and Jitter figures to be considered good media?

cheers geno

Values change according the burner used to do scans. You can check in this thread for more informations :slight_smile:

PI < 280 is good, but PO must be zero, else you have a coaster :sad:

arrh i see now…u can’t do scans with LG. Too bad. :frowning:

This is no a problem for me: I have two liteon and a benq to do scans :bigsmile: