LG GSA-4167B problems

Ok, I’ve just got the above drive, and I’m haivng problems with it. My system is as follows:

XP sp2
MS-6507 Mobo
Intel 82801BA Ultra ATA controller

Basically, the drive ain’t working properly. Windows auto detects two devices - in device manager they are called

Generic DVD-ROM SCSI CdRom Device

In My Computer, 2 corresponding devices appear : both identified as ‘CD Drive’ in the ‘Type’ column, and given the names

DVD Drive

Nero picks up no recorders of any kind. Windows explorer allows me to write CDs onto ‘DVD-RAM Drive’, but no DVDs. DVDs and CDs can bothe be read from ‘DVD-RAM Drive’. ‘DVD Drive’ appears to be totally bogus and does nothing at all.

Why is windows picking up two devices? To me this seems odd, and is probablt the root of the problem…

Any ideas?
THank you all very much

Hi :slight_smile:

Strange issue. Very Windows-like LOL

Go to the device manager, find the relevant IDE channel (primary or secondary), delete it and reboot. Maybe this can help.

Please post your devices:

  1. Primary IDE master > ?
  2. Primary IDE slave > ?
  3. Secondary IDE master > ?
  4. Secondary IDE slave > ?

Also have you installed any IDE Intel driver? If so, try uninstalling it and reboot, so to get back to MS generic drivers.

If your version of Nero is too old to know what a GSA-4167B is then it would not support it.
You may need a newer version of the Nero software to support this newer burner.

The two device problem sounds like an issue with the IDE controllers.
Try deleting them and reboot to see what Windows install.