LG GSA-4167B Problems

Have a look at this :


The beginning symptoms the guy had are very similar to the problem many of you have with the 4167B not recognising discs. It may also explain why the drive seems to work on some systems and not on others : the power supply.

Thanks man, I noticed that post too just a few minutes ago. Yeah, my old generic 350W PSU (assuming it really is 350W) might not be upto the job any more; so I’ll probably need to head on over to the local shop and try getting a nice/fancy PSU (right now, I’m aiming for an OCZ ModStream with 520W).

Thanks again. Cheers!

Let us know if it works, Fahim.


Hey guys, sorry for the delay; I bought the 450W version of the OCZ Modstream PSU (the 520W was out of stock with the last one reserved for another customer). Anyways, I didn’t get time to install it and try things out yesterday.

Today, I finally got a chance. Preliminary tests would indicate, the LG drive is now working! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I’ve been able to read so far pretty much everything I’ve thrown at the drive…of course, there could be something I might encounter in the future that doesn’t work. LOL, I guess I now need to go out and get some DVD-R media just to make sure that works as well.

I owe thanks to all of you guys for helping out! Who would have known that in order to have the drive work, I’d need a better PSU.

Thanks again. Cheers!

Another user with reading problems also seems to have fixed the problems by changing the power supply unit :


Any body else in this thread has his problem solved by changing the PSU ? If so, please confirm. Thanks.

Hi, I’ve had the same problems, but i went to buy a new 550W ATX PSU and i 've just installed and my LG DVD RAM GSA-4167B (Firmware DL11) is be able to burn DVD-R (imation 8X) now. It’s great !!!.

My old caracteristics:
Power Supply Unit: 350 W
Mainboard: MSI KT400 ULTRA
Micro: ATHLON XP 1800+
Video: Nvida GeForce 4 AGP
HDD1: Seagate Barracuda ?? 7200 RPM 120 Gb + Cooler
HDD2: –
CDR: LG 32x10x40
DVDR: LG Super DVD RAM (GSA-4167B f. DL11)
Floppy: Yes.

Power Supply Unit: 550W

I hope this help you guys. Bye.

Lima - Peru

Translation/Traducion (Español)

Hola, Yo he tenido esos problemas, pero fui a comprar un fuente de energia de 500W ATX y acabo de instalarla, y ahora mi LG DVD RAM GSA-4167B (Firmware DL11) puede grabar DVD-R (imation 8X). Genial!!!


Espero esto ayude, Chau.

Lima - Peru

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I was having the same kind of problems, I would definatley try out a new PSU or if you can, install the drive in a friends PC.

Well I was finally able to fix my problem.
Since I installed the drive in another box, removed the IDE cable and the green led only flashed 16 times (used different blank DVD media, always the same count) and in my box it took like 70-80 times to turn off, I dediced to do a final test. I unplugged the IDE cable and left the power plugged in, turned on the box and inserted a blank DVD disk, and the green led only flashed 16 times just like with the IDE cable connected. Sooooooooooooo my diagnostic was straightforward: replace the power supply. I bought a generic 450 watt one, installed it in my box and the drive now works perfectly. Why my system worked fine before? Maybe all the other peripherals don’t use all the available lines from the power cables…I am not sure about that. I know that the thread has gone deep into different issues now but I still wanted to share with all of you how I fixed my problem. Good luck to everyone and thanks for helping me !!!

Change for a PSU AIKUO 560W. Now everything seems in order.
LG 4167 regconizes all types of disk. I have not yet tried burning any DVD. should be OK. Thanks for every participant in this thread for discovering the solution.

I’ve not tried this yet, however I found this entry on eBuyer.co.uk
Check out review #6:


ps: i reeeeeally hope it works cos i’m getting tired of this damn drive and am returning it if it doesn’t!

Has anyone tried the drive externaly via PATA to USB2 or firewire adaptor?

Yes, no problem using the 4167b with an IDE to USB adapter, power supply rated at 5v 2 amps, 12v 2 amps.

i got the same exact probs i tried unistaling drivers and the drive uninstaling al progs ( nero 7 dvd decryptor n alcohol styl no luck. i hav dl 13 firmware and it styl dont work i hav a 450 watt psu
what can i dooo it used 2 recognize dvd-r’s blanks but outta nowhere it cnat recognize anything now. i did about 12 dvd burn sessions.

Since I started this thread, I’ll close it now because its been resolved by getting a better power supply unit. Apparently 4167b is very sensitive to fluctuations in the power supply. If you have 2HD, 2Burners, 2FD and running 2Fans, 300W ain’t enough. Baller, what type of psu are you using? Try to get a “true power” psu which can really deliver the rated wattage. Checkout Toms Hardware guide psu reviews to get an idea on the better psu manufacturers. Good luck!