Lg Gsa-4167b-oem $29.99

PCMicroStore has the LG GSA-4167B OEM for $29.99 no rebates required.

This DVD drive got a very good review here at CDFreaks. Link for the review: http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/242

Link for PCMicroStore: http://www.pcmicrostore.com/partdetail.aspx?q=p:10504019&SSAID=102473

As of right now, they are only showing 15 left.


14 left, with free ground shipping. Nice find.

Nice price, for a very nice drive. I have one myself, and am very happy with it.

I’m possible looking for a new drive. Would it be worth $3 to go from this LG to a BenQ 1650 (Newegg $32.99)?

I noticed you have a 1650 in your sig, so I thought you’d be a good candidate to answer this.

My opinion only ;):

Both are really nice drives…with the added bonus that you can scan on a BenQ (but then I just noticed you have a Litey to scan with).

Edit: I think price is the only thing that would force me to choose between the two.

I’ll probably pick something up eventually. My wife keeps on saying “we need to get a DVD-ROM for my computer”, and I tell her for a few extra bucks it could be a burner, and then I’d have a backup in case anything happens to mine. I dangle the bait out there, but she hasn’t bit yet. I guess I could just order one and say, “Oh I thought you wanted one”, it’s not often married men like me get an opportunity to buy computer hardware with no threat of punishment from the wife. I guess I’m a little whipped. But I keep telling her I’m going to pick up a new MoBo and CPU when AMD does their price drops in a few days. So, I’m not totally whipped. Sorry for the off topic stuff.

Just buy a 1650 and a 4167…look at her and go…“whoops…” :o

Now you’re talking. I could pull that off, then in a week or two buy a new MoBo and a X2 CPU. I hope you have an extra room for me to stay in, hehe.

Hehehe :bigsmile:


I also have the 4167B - and find that it is a very good burner - however - a couple of things - you can definitely hear when it is working - louder than my BenQ 1640, LiteOn 160P6s or NEC 3540 burners - not a great reader -and it does not do quality scans - but - yes - my best burner along side the LiteOn-

Very good buy at this price point-eh!


I can’t find a price for them anywhere on that site or link, they must be sold out.

A Matsushita Blu-Ray 36Mbps (4.5MB/s) writer drive costs at least about US$700 to US$900 in Tokyo right now. That LG GSA-4167B is 20 to 30 times cheaper. 16x DVD recording for nearly all LG DVD writers provides about five and a half minute backup of about 4.7 billion byte DVD write-once media. That is a little faster than 14MB/s which is about the same speed as the most popular flash memory chips now on the market such as 150x SD or CF. Blu-Ray yet is extremely immature at the time being, I conclude. We need at least 8x Blu-Ray very soon. :slight_smile:

Most LGs ( I know my LG 4163 ) use 16X P-CAV for 16X and that is why they are faster than other writers, I am not sure but I think LG is the only writer that use P-CAV @ 16X.

alan1476 is correct, sold out quickly.


Too bad LGs only burn -R @ 8X or have they finally fixed that?

Sorry to go off topic again, but since the drives are sold out…
I’m guessing you are a newlywed or something? Buy the drive and have it shipped to your work. Put it in the trunk and sneek it in the house when she is asleap or not home. Swap the drives at your convience. If she is savy enough about computers to notice, swap the face plates (if possible) and she will never know. Give it a few months (or weeks if you think she is the type to fall for it), pull out your old drive, and either say, I forgot I had this old thing and either install it in hers or yours, whatever you want. If you don’t think that would work, there are certainly other ways to sneek new technology past your wife. I swear there is (and the trunk is the husbands best friend). :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Yo ripper-

I have a minivan (Mazda MPV) and find that ‘under the raincoat’ to be almost as effective as a trunk-eh!