LG GSA-4167B not reading disks



Hello everyone

This is my first post, i am sorry if this error was documented already, but i couldn’t find a solution on this forum (maybe i did not search enough).

This is the problem: I burn some files with Nero on this drive (i use Traxdata Dvd+r 4x) then after they are burned correctly I reinsert the disk and the drive does not recognize it, the green led just keeps blinking. If I insert any other disk, the drive does not recognize any of them.

After I restart the computer, the disk can be read with no problems, i can copy everything from it; also any other disk can be read correctly. But if I open a movie from a disk with Windows Media Player, it stops and i need to restart the computer to be able to read any disk.

I have DL11 firmware on the drive, i also put DL13 and the same problem appears. I don’t know what was my original firmware, maybe there is a DL10 but i could not find it.

If you have any solution please help, it’s annoying to restart the computer every time this problem appears. Thank you


This sounds like some kind of driver or program running the in the background is causing your problems.

Try rebooting in safe mode (which should bypass most 3rd party drivers) and then try playing a movie with the drive in WMP. See if the problem still occurs.