LG GSA-4167B most used DVD Burner

More information can be found here: http://www.cdfreaks.com/devices/burnstats

Thanks DoMi :slight_smile:

Nice drive, both for DVD and CD burning. Glad I still have mine tucked away. :slight_smile:

I find it interesting that LG is the most reliable and most used overall. I would personally agree with this! I find my LG drives with the Panasonic chipset yield the least number of coasters at rated speed with the media that I burn regularly. :wink:

Might is also be that VSO was bundled with more LG drives than others? These stats HAVE to be skewed because they only apply to VSO software.




I guess I don’t find the stats to be particularly interesting or useful. But one stat that would really help bring them into perspective would be the number of retail versions of VSO software that are reporting, vs the number of bundled versions. For example, some brands of burners have never been bundled with VSO ware, so bundled versions of the software should have a different set of stats.

VSO Software is not bundled with any drive at all. So these are all download versions. The VSO engine is used with many more applications as Lin already stated before.