LG GSA-4167B in South Korea



Domestic version. Appeared in Yongsan on Monday.


Bulk price: about US$50 (55,000 Won excluding tax and shipping)



Seems a pretty poor upgrade over a 4163B, wonder why they even bothered.


I second that! I was expecting more from LG new top of the line drive. :frowning:


Newer models don’t always mean “upgrades.” When manufacturers introduce newer models, they do it for adding features, reducing manufacturing cost, fixing bugs, etc. LG once switched from 8MB buffer to 2MB buffer, Japanese chipsets to Mediatek (Taiwanese) chipsets, Made in Korea to Made in China, Easy CD Creator to Nero Burning ROM, etc. and not all of such decisions were made for improving performance and quality but to save cost. Latest LG DVD writers also have simpler and smaller PCBs. And no DVD-RAM bundle media.

My guess is that GSA-4167B specification was finalized before 8x DVD+R DL was finalized and approved and so LG had not enough time to add it. Same with 16x DVD-RAM.

NEC has so far introduced three 16x DVD burner series:


Pioneer: DVR-A08, DVR-A09, DVR-A10

Hitachi-LG: GSA-4160B, GSA-4163B, GSA-4167B

Philips-BenQ: DW1600, DW1620, DW1620 Pro, DW1640

Toshiba-Samsung: TS-H552A, TS-H552B, TS-H552U, TS-H552C

Sony and Lite-On: SOHW-1613S, SOHW-1633S, SOHW-1653S, SOHW-1673S, SOHW-1693S, and more coming sooner or later

There were always small added features, small improvement between product generations if any. If LG had to “skip” GSA-4167B, then what about Lite-On and BenQ? I personally once had a few SOHW-1213S (but running 1613S or 1633S fw), and SIX SOHW-1613S, all outdated for long and now four 1613S and six DW1620.

Here are what are added in GSA-4167B from GSA-4163B:

[B]1. 4x DVD+R DL to 6x DVD+R DL

  1. No DVD-R DL to 4x DVD-R DL

  2. 40x CD-R to 48x CD-R

  3. 24x CD-RW to 32x CD-RW[/B]

I don’t think they are improvements that can’t justify their existence as new products considering they (all mentioned in this post) are all 16x DVD writers and GSA-4167B price at first market release is much lower than that of GSA-4163B three quarters (late 2004) ago.


u left out NEC 3530


When did Pioneer release the DVR-A10? :confused:

I thought they where gonna include LightScribe also? :confused:


Nice! I’ve been waiting for this drive for a while. I wonder how long before it appears in other countries. I assume maybe the Lightscribe will appear in a retail model as it would increase the price a bit. The upgraded speeds over the 4163 are welcome. Maybe the 8x +R DL will be achieved through a firmware upgrade.


A10 is probably not released anywhere. I just included it because it’s one of Pioneer’s 16x DVD writer series long known to end users.

GSA-4167B isn’t included in LG’s LS drives. I heard GSA-4168B will be, but not certain of it.


The ones sold now are all RETAIL. Bulk doesn’t mean OEM. You can clearly see the numbers attached on the front bezel of GSA-4167B, 1544-7777 and 1588-7777. They are LG Electronics customer service call numbers for South Korean domestic consumers. Such services are not available for OEM drives. Also serviceable in official LG service centers.


Nothing new on DVD RAM speed increase?


The maximum available DVD-RAM speed is 5x. That’s so because DVD-RAM from 6x and above are not finalized in DVD-RAM specifications. 6x to 16x DVD-RAM media will also become available after the 16x DVD-RAM specification finalization. Neither NEC or Pioneer can release 16x DVD-RAM writers because of the same reason.


Yes, you are right Kenny. It’s just strange that the specs posted by LG for this drive (originally called 4165) stated that it would include Lightscribe and 8x +R DL. Now even after it’s delay, it comes out under spec’d compared to what was proposed.


Well, on Geizhals.at (price comparison website) most of the entries for LG GSA-4167B have that model number:


(German Retailers)

Maybe we’ll get 4168B with Lightscribe


This would probably be that drive they proposed then. They said it would go on sale in August. GSA-4168B with the addition of 8x DL recording and Lightscribe. I wonder if the LG people have managed to knock any seconds off that fast 16x burn time, threatening to break the elusive 5 minute barrier perhaps? :slight_smile:


I thought they were going to include PI/PIF scanning at least :eek:


Looking at the specs on this german onlineshop, the 4167 should have
LightscribeTechnology! funcomputer.de , the Bulk version, too! :wink:


http://digitoday.fi/showPage.php?page_id=9&news_id=46211 says 4166 and 5166 will have lightscribe.




Maybe we should better wait to have at least some users of GSA-4164/4165/4166/4167/4168 to know which of them has which.


I don’t think GSA-4167B or GSA-4168B will write at 16x faster than GSA-4163B. I hope they will but too unlikely.

Not sure if I want to have GSA-4167B on top of GSA-5163D though domestic version of GSA-4167B is already available for less than BenQ DW1620.



Original link:


MKM001 at 6x seems good in GSA-4167B. Nice CLV 6x and low numbers in DW1640 PIE/PIF/Jitter scan.


12x writing is not supported for 16x DVD-R media.


page (for various 16x media burn tests) is not yet completed.