Lg gsa-4167b does not recognize blank DVDs (it does CDs)

hi everyone brand new on here from northern england and need some help I have just bought a lg gsa-4167b dvd writer and have no troble with cd’s but cannot get the drive to recognize any blank dvd’s what am I doing wrong

what program do you use to write cd/dvd’s?

am using nero 7 seems to work fine then askes for the blank then nothing

in nero first choose your recorder. Then pop in an empty dvd. After that select disc info.

If this still fails, close all programs (virusscanners, monitoring software and so forth) and try again in Nero.

says no disc inserted?

that’s pretty weird. I think you should ask the manufacturer for the compatibility list (which blank dvd’s were tested and approved) and test these brands. According to this review the writer can cope with practically any standard.

ye I no if Iput a cd in it comes up blank cd but I’m getting nothing with the dvd’s

just an update have found that verbatim 16x dvd+r work just fine but can’t get any cheap dvd’s to work

what “cheap” dvd’s where you using?

Im having the same problem but with an HP & also with an LG, Ive always used maxell or memorex with no problems. now all the sudden it wont recognise ANY blank dvd, even tried sony dvds.