LG GSA-4167B DL12 can't write Samsung DVD-R 8X!

well, i bought this new driver. But this driver can’t write properly to Samsung DVD-R Pleomax 8X (OptodiscR008). When burnspeed is set over 4x burnproces will failed to fatal error. Driver can only burn this media 4x. I hope that next firmware update will fix that because my old GSA-4163 burned this media on 8x with firmware 105

This is CRAP media. Several comments and tests underline this.

I’ve had excellent results from my 25pk of this media, although it was Acro Circle brand discs. I’ll test it on my 4167B DL12 and see what happens…

Whoops I was thinking of OR8 (DVD+R) not R008 (DVD-R). I’ve had bad luck with Optodisc R004 4X DVD-R as well. My TYG02 code 8X DVD-R of theirs and my 16X DVD-R have been good though.

Yes, I agree. Optodisc -R are very crappy media, +R are better