LG GSA-4167B Available in US



Just found a US website that claims to have the 4167B in stock. They’re reseller rating is pretty bad but if you want to take your chances…




I would like to know what that USB connection is for according to the specs given by edazz? Also that rear power switch! http://www.edazz.com/qps8xfirexcd.html


They are typos.


Something wrong about edazz specification:

" Introducing the GSA-4167B, 16x External Super-Multi Triple Format Optical Disk Drive"

as the drive is supposed to be an internal model.


I think I can wait a little while for people like NewEgg or somebody like that to have it. I’m not in that big a hurry. But I am starting to chomp at the bit to buy my first DVD burner. :iagree:


Available now in the uk too


I ordered that drive from edazz. I was suspicious as to whether they really had it. No problems at all: received today in working order.


Here are a few more places that claim to have it now.





The egg also has it for $51 shipped. :slight_smile: