LG GSA-4167B and MediaCode Speed Edit

I have an LG GSA-4167B writer with DL12 firmware. Since DL13 has become available, I am considering using MediaCode Speed Edit to hack the FW before installing it. I’d like to hear from anyone who has used MCSE with the 4167B (particularly when hacking DL13). Anything I should know about - problems, bugs, etc? Thanks guys!

I’m not sure which functions of MCSE you intend to use but I have used MCSE with DL13 (and DJ13 as well) to remove the riplock. No problems there. I eventually stuck with DJ13 since I like the auto-bitsetting that provides. Been using that setup for a couple of months without any trouble.

If I understand you correctly, both DL13 AND DJ13 firmwares are okay with the 4167B? Also implied is that you can switch from one to the other - if I flash DL13 first, I can later flash DJ13 and, if desired, go back and flash DL13 again on the same unit? Great news if it’s true. Thanks a lot!

Yes, you can change between DL13 and DJ13 back and forwards, but you need to use the TDB patched firmware flashers to do so. If you only wan’t to use an original firmware, then you can flash the drive with the original firmware flasher afterwards. This is because the original firmware flashers will check what firmware that’s currently installed on the drive, and then only allow the drive to be flashed, if it’s of the same type as the new one i.e. of the DLxx or the DJxx type.


I personally use TDBs RPC-1 patched DJ13(MCSE riplock/read-speed patched), because of the added UDMA4 + auto-bitsetting features.

Thanks for the link, Martin H. I am not familiar with TDB and took a quick look. It seems to be oriented toward hardcore code-heads. I also noted that the 4167B hack was “beta” but, since you had no problem, I guess it is okay. I will have to do a bit of homework before heading that way.

Karangguni, is the route Martin H described the same one you took? Thanks.

Yes, that is pretty much what I did. Do note that TDB’s site has a rip locked removed version (the one labelled rip locked) of DJ13 that doesn’t really do what it is supposed to do. The rip lock on that version is only partially defeated (for DVD-ROM/DVD-VIDEO discs only). Just get TDB’s non rip locked version and use MSCE to get rid of the rip lock. That will remove all of the rip locks on the drive for all kinds of media.