LG GSA-4167B also in Japan

After Germany, GSA-4167B has just appeared in Japan.


[i]LG電子 GSA-4167B (片面2層対応,書き込み速度:DVD+R DL 6倍/DVD+R 16倍/DVD+RW 8倍/DVD-R DL 4倍/DVD-R 16倍/DVD-RW 6倍/DVD-RAM 5倍速/CD-R 48倍/CD-RW 32倍,ATAPI)

7,580 ZOA 秋葉原本店 2F,ソフト付き
7,843 クレバリー1号店 1F,ソフト付き
7,843 クレバリー インターネット館 1F,ソフト付き
7,930 PC-Success本店 ソフト付き
7,970 フェイス秋葉原本店 2F,ソフト付き
7,980 TWOTOP秋葉原本店 ソフト付き
7,980 ドスパラ秋葉原Prime館 ソフト付き
7,980 パソコンショップ アーク ソフト付き [/i]

Price: 7,580 Yen at ZOA

Hitachi-based GSA-4167B:


11,980 Yen at Tsukumo

主な書き込み速度はDVD+R DL 6倍/DVD-R DL 4倍/DVD±R 16倍/DVD-RAM 5倍など。



This is the IO-DATA OEM ver of 4167

The model you wrote is Buffalo ver :wink:

+DL and -DL are a little bit behind from the competition.
How much money is that on Euros or Dollars?

Nothing mentioned about LightScribe? :confused:

only -DL more??

are there plans to incorporate pie/pif scanning in 4167?

From what I have understand, when they (LG) introduce a new model,
they never make a firmware upgrad.They fix whatever in the next version.
So you have to buy the new one.No problem for me but Pioneer 110 for
example will be better in terms of speed.I want to buy a new LG but they don’t
want me so?

  • higher +DL speed, + higher CD-R speed + higher CD-RW speed + LightScribe although I don’t see it mentioned anywhere. :confused:

I thought this was supposed to have 8x DL.

I had the same thoughts.

It supposed to have 8x DVD+R DL, don’t know why it’s only 6x? :confused:

You are right. I didn’t read it carefully.

主な書き込み速度はDVD+R DL 6倍/DVD-R DL 4倍/DVD±R 16倍/DVD-RAM 5倍など。



The two Buffalo models were mentioned right inside the IO DATA release.

Buffalo: http://www.watch.impress.co.jp/akiba/hotline/20050709/ni_i_dd.html#x516fb

Approximately 1:100 (or 100:1).

These days, NEC makes the chipsets for Pioneer DVD writers and NEC drives are at least as good as Pioneer drives and cost a lot lower.

Thanks for the info.You know I want to buy the new LG but it seems to be behind from the competition.As for Nec, it might be good but it doesn’t have DVD-RAM, that’s why I mentioned the new Pioneer 110.

Don’t know if it has been reported before :

No, you must be the first to post it. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Is Pioneer DVR-A10 available anywhere in the world? The new NEC drives with DVD-RAM support are not available yet. I didn’t mean ND-3540. Consider it, since the NEC Super Multi drives will probably cost at least 20% less than Pioneer Super Multi drives. :slight_smile:

So far, LG GSA-4167B and GSA-4168B are still “the most completely featured” optical drive products in the world available to end users for under US$100, and even for under US$50 in some places.

i rather wait for the NEC Multi drive :bigsmile:

LG don’t really have any underground support (except MCSE/TDP rpc1 patch :bow: ) and the FW is not improvement what so ever on feature but the write quality is VERY VERY good :clap:

Isn’t this what matters most? I’m glad that the LG doesn’t need 3rd party support to be a burner with very very good write quality.