LG GSA-4167 in external case

Goodies: LG GSA-4167 / ebuyer.co.uk enclosure

Purchased a DVD burner to copy some programs that my sister starred in (for an Italian TV channel!) - which at first I setup inside a 5 year old Dell desktop… which just managed to churn out copies at a rate of x1 every 28mins!

As I wanted to attach the internal DVD burner to my laptop, I enclosed it in a 5.25 external box (acquired via ebuyer.co.uk). This was a snap to do, but sadly the first disc became a coffee mat… This occurred quite early on in the burn, with faily unhelpful error message. I have not yet tried again - as I want to update the DVD driver.

Whilst I would like to apply a firmware update, I am not too keen to try this via USB. (Has anyone done this before?) I will probably take the drive to a friend, to apply the firmware update with the drive directly inserted in a desktop… and then try to use it externally again.

What external housing do you have? I bought a Safecom 5.25 USB 2.0 and Firewire 1394a Combo Aluminium Silver Caddy + Power cable + Power Adapter + Fan (EBuyer Quickfind code: 74826). This worked fine in Windows XP Pro (via firewire) for doing firmware uploads (DL10 to DL12).

I did have issues with this external housing under Linux but that was the firewire side of things (it looks like the sbp2 driver I have doesn’t like the external housing that much but I’ve worked around it using the serialize_io option[1]).

I also bought some Ridisc 8x DVD-R (Ebuyer Quickfind code: 79943) which are no good in the LG-4167B (media code: TYG02), see http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1223038&postcount=5 for another post about this. What discs did you try (and get the coaster with)?


  1. http://www.linux1394.org/sbp2.php

EBuyer doesn’t sell that case anymore, although that sounds like something along the lines of what I’m looking for. Doing a google search of that particular case came up with a bunch of wildcards. Is there anyplace else that sells that particular unit?