LG GSA-4166B V1.02 Now Available

Hey everyone,

LG has posted v1.02 on their web site at http://www.lgservice.com/

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  • Product = DVD-Rom(writer)
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  • Subject - 4166b

Should be the first link. Covers:

Windows 2000
Windows 98
Windows XP
Windows ME

Filename: GSA-4166B102(EW).zip 800K



The description of what has improved is very vague (as usual) :

¡Ø New firmware (ver. 1.02) for only GSA-4166B(Internal 16X Super multi DVD Writer)

¡ß Model:GSA-4166
¡ß Ver:1.02
¡ß Improvement Point
  - Improvement of recording fail for specific DVD+RW & CD-RW media
  - improvement of recognition fail for DVD Title

Amazingly, even the US LG service website is up to date this time. Previously, it was one of the last to get updated whenever a new version of firmware was released, sometimes lagging up to nearly a month behind.

Already posted here :

Since the GSA4166 is the first LG drive I have I have a question updating the firmware:

I put my 4166 in an external enclosure with prolific 3507 chipset. Is it recommended to build the drive temporary in a PC and connect it to IDE do the firmware update and put it back? Or would the firmware update work with USB or FW?

It is recommended to flash in IDE, but you can try to see if it works.
LG firmware upgrade are safe.

I have the oem in my compaq presario and it is listed as gWA-4166b. Can I still use this fw update?

; eh, I guess not :disagree:

Yes you can :

1/ download the 1.01 firmware and install it to change your drive to GSA-4166B 1.01
2/ download the 1.02 firmware and install it (=>GSA-4166B 1.02).

Or you can use the 1.01 flasher with the 1.02 bin (extracted with WinRAR).

Firmwares are available here :

Now we just need a 4166 V1.02 .cvt file. For us poor HP840i users to CROSSFLASH

No “cvt” needed. The 1.01 firmware can be flashed over HP840i (I believe).
And then the official 1.02.

The only risk is that there’s no return possible to the HP firmware at the present moment.

Perhaps the ini file in 1.02 can be modified for the different drives to save one step (flashing with 1.01 first)?

Version = “3.00.21W”
Target = “JW3, JW3-1, JW3A, JW3A-1, JW3+, EXTERANL”

Auto = 1

AutoDetect = 6; <–2 and 8? ============================================================
;(0) Do not select (1) GWA-4163B (2) GWA-4164B
;(3) GWA-4166B (4) GCA-4164B (5) GCA-4166B
;(6) GSA-4166B
;(7) Writer 740b (8) Writer 840b
;(9) Dell JW3
;(10)GSA-2164D (11)GSA-2166D (12)GSA-2167D

How would I go about doing this? I have a GWA-4166B and would like to get the most up to date Firmware.

The only way I know for sure is to extract the “licked” flasher from the 1.01 and flash the 1.02 bin (extracted with WinRAR in the .exe) with it.

What I was proposing was :

  1. First extract contents of 1.02 firmware file with WinRAR/WinZIP.
  2. Edit Flash.ini with a text editor (e.g. notepad)
  3. Change the line :

AutoDetect = 6;

to :

AutoDetect = 3;

in your case. (3=GWA-4166B, see info in my previous post)
4. Save the file and exit the text editor.
5. Run FWLoader.exe to flash your drive

I have no idea if this will work and if it does work, I don’t know if it will crossflash the drive to a GSA-4166B, or just update the firmware and leave you with a GWA-4166B.

The reason why I came up with this idea is due to the instructions someone left in another post for hacking Panasonic’s DVD-RAM drivers to work with non-Panasonic drives. This driver looks as if it follows the same format for drive checking. I suspect the flashing program came from Panasonic originally and LG modified it to add their icon to the program. That is why I think it might work. I don’t have any of these drives so I can’t test the idea properly. If you want to try this, fine but be aware of the risks involved.

Thanks guys (and gals).

I downloaded the 1.01 firmware and installed it. It automatically changed my device from a GWA-4166B to a GSA-4166B. I was then able to download and install the 1.02 firmware for the GSA-4166B.

So YES, it will work!

Thanks again.

My HP740 also flashed directly from the HP to the LG 1.01 with no problems and then to 1.02. I found that 1.01 was actually better for my TY media so I went back to 1.01, also with no trouble. I have found a number of media with LG drives where older firmware were actually better.

For all those who have gwa-4166b and flashed to gsa-4166b - At the HP page you can download official firmware for GWA-4166b. Can somebody try if it’s possible to use this flash after flashing to gsa-4166b?
here is the link


It shouldn’t work. Once you cross-flash your drive to a GSA-4166B, it more or less becomes a GSA-4166B. You should use official GSA-4166B firmware on it from then onwards and not bother about HP’s firmware updates anymore.

Aha, as I expected… Well but if I flash first with the official HP firmware, and then I would like to crossflash, will it work? I think it will, but not sure… I never had OEM/HP/LG drive before, only LiteON and similar, so that’s why I ask :smiley:

It should work, but there is no benefit to doing that. When you flash a drive, it overwrites any previous firmware. So whether you flash with official HP firmware first and then cross flash to a GSA-4166B, you are still only getting the benefits of the final GSA-4166B firmware.

Thanks, that’s what I wanted to know. Will try the official first, because the only reason why I would flash to gsa is, that my RPC counter is already at zero and I cannot play any original DVD movies, although I AM using DVD Region Free+CSS Free (no, i’m not a geek, using successfully with LITEON). The second reason is, that when I burn at home a DVD+RW disc with my LiteON SOHW-1653s, I can’t read it with gwa-4166b. But any other DVD-rom/DVD±RW reads it…
K, sry for spamming and OT :rolleyes: