LG GSA-4166B Problem w Roxia Easy CD & DVD Creator

I just bought and installed both an LG GSA-4166B DVD burner and Roxio’s Easy CD & DVD creator. I can’t seem to get the Roxio software to recognize the new optical drive when I insert a new, unformatted disk for the purpose of burning a DVD directly from my Sony DVR. I keep getting an error message that no DVD recorder is detected / try installing new media.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


It is possible that the software is too old for the drive. Can you see the drive in windows explorer? (but don’t try to browse a blank disc). If you can, then the drive is at least connected up correctly to the system. If not, then it is time to double check if the jumpering of the drive was done correctly.

We then try to confirm if it is Easy CD & DVD creator that is the cause of your pain. To do that, download ImgBurn (http://www.imgburn.com, freeware). Start Imgburn and chuck a blank DVD disc into the drive. See if it can recognise the disc. If it can, you will know it is Easy CD & DVD creator which is acting the goat.

Thanks for the quick response. Here’s some more details:

  1. Windows recognizes the new GSA-4166B optical drive;
  2. I downloaded the latest firmware (v 1.02) for that drive;
  3. I can upload information from the drive (i.e., installing software to the HDD)
  4. The drive is installed on the secondary channel as Master, but I do have another optical drive connected to it as Slave; and
  5. Roxio Easy CD & DVD creator, which is version 6, recognizes my Sony DVR when connected but, for some reason, not my GSA-4166B.

I’ll visit the site that you recommended. Thanks, again.

In the earlier versions of Roxio the list of supported drives was hard coded & there are any recent updates. I’m not sure at which version this actually changed, it was certainly that way in V5, not sure about V6.
With Nero, many OEM versions would only support the drive it was supplied with but I can’t be sure if Roxio adopted this policy as well.

Roxio V7/7.5 certainly don’t have this problem.