Lg Gsa-4166b Or Nec Nd4551?




NEC ND4551 with Labelflash
LG GSA-4166B with Lightscribe ??

  1. The first thing that I am thinking of, is if there are any problems with burning. It is more important that there not are any problems with the burning, than with for example extra fast speed, and other nice things.

When I for example read in this thread (about NEC):
they have described some problems that can occur. Is that kind of problems the same with LG ? Or is it worse with NEC ?

  1. The second thing I am thinking of is the quality of the pictures compared with Lightscribe and Labelflash. What is the best quality ?

  2. Is the light-scribe in LG blackandwhite, and not in colour ?


Do searches for these on this forum, under where the dvd burners are posted (IE: LG forum, and NEC forum), and read comments from folks who actually use them. Then you will know the pros and cons for each drive.