LG GSA-4166B... Only shows up as DVD-RAM. Won't read Movie DVDs

Only shows up as DVD-RAM. Won’t read Movie DVDs…

Any help with this one??

Hello WTG, and welcome to the forum.

When you say it won’t read Movie DVDs, how were you trying to read those movie DVDs? Using windows explorer to list the contents of the disc?

DVD-RAM drive is correct.

Use a real dvd player software.

I am using PowerDVD and WinDVD. Tried both programs and I get an error on PowerDVD about the disc being an “unsupported format”. I even made sure that the DVD was set to region 1, same as the disc that I was attempting to play.

Did it work with WinDVD? Also, are those DVD movie discs self made or commercial pressed discs?

You may also want to try VLC (http://www.videolan.org). This is just in case this is some sort of codec issue. VLC uses its own video/audio codecs, unlike most other DVD playing software.

it’s a commercial pressed disc. (Finding Nemo, to be exact :D)

I’ll try that and see what happens.

Windvd & powerdvd is not good.

One of them is okay.

Are you implying that having them both installed at the same time is bad? If so, how??

I’ve tried them seperately, but I don’t see how having them both installed at the same time could cause a problem. Now if they were being ran at the same time I could understand.

because of the way these programs hook themselves into the system, having both installed at the same time could possibly cause them to interfere with each other, and one of them even not running could cause problems for the other.

try with just one of them (or the other) installed.

[B]I am a having this EXACT same problem.[/B]

Did anyone ever resolve it?

I can read and write CDs just fine, but DVDs are dead to me. All DVDs, all types, burned or bought, +r -r +rw -rw.

I have an old computer with a DVD drive so I switched them out. The disks are fine, the programs seem fine, the old drive can read it all fine.
But I can’t burn with the old drive, and all these piles of blanks seem silly without a burner.

I got this thing in April, so it’s still under warrenty… I’d rather not make a claim on it.


if you can’t access DVD media (were you able to see the content in Windows Explorer?) and if you verified that there is no issue with your system, then there is something wrong with your drive. In that case, claim your warranty.


I am also getting this problem. All of a sudden, I can play CD’s and rip them using Media Player 11, but cannot install software from DVD’s.

Unfortunately I haven’t installed any software for a while, so don’t know when this issue started.

There seems to be a few people on this forum suddenly reporting issues with this drive model working with anything other than CD’s.

Sounds like a conflict between the driver and some software to me.

The major things that have changed on my machine recently include…

Installing Media Player 11
Updating McAfee virus scanner to engine version 5100
Installing Live Messenger.
Installing Live Toolbars in IE

Don’t say you have the exact same problem - because it is not the case!

For the drive not reading/writing any kind of dvd media - it is for the bin.

If you place a software DVD into the drive and use explorer to list the contents, do they show up? Or does it give you an error message instead?

No, it is the same.
The drive calles itself DVD-RAM when it’s empty; it always has. THe drive came with Nero, and Nero has this goofy thing called InCD that lets me use the DVD+RW disks I have as if it were a more normal drive, adding and removing files as I see fit.

When I drop in an InCD formatted disk it used to change the name of the drive from “DVD-RAM” to “InCD,” or if I dropped in a movie the name of the movie; you know, the name of the disk.

Now it’s done. I got it to read a DVD disk once in these four days.

CDs are still read/burned fine by the very same drive.


You have installed InCD. That is the problem.

I am having a problem with my LG GSA-4166b also. When I put a disc in the drive (CD or DVD) sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesnt. Help!!!

incd is known to be buggy remove it

i got the same problem. i just formatted my comp and reinstalled xp but still doesnt work =(

I have a LG GSA-4163B and I can’t seem to read commercially pressed movies only. I can read commercial CDs, burnt CD-R and RWs, Commercial DVD disks containing data (such as my copy of Half-Life2), burnt DVD movie disks, but not commercial movies.
When I put a disk in, the green light just flashes as if the drive is trying to figure out what disk is in there (and most applications trying to access the drive stop responding until I eject).
Any ideas?
I have Nero6 and WinDVD installed.