LG GSA-4166B not reading disks

I have a similar problem only my GSA-4166B will not read disks at all. They burn just fine using Nero but reading is dreadfully slow. It will recognize a file on the CD but take like 5 minutes to attempt to open up before it freezes. Second DVD drive on the system works with no problem.

Tried different cables, IDE channels, slave master position the whole 9 from all the searches I have done. If I change the mode from UDMA to PIO it will read fine. Heh thought installing drives was supposed to be easy.

Not sure what your set up is but you should make sure you are using STD MS IDE drivers, some other drivers can cause issues with Optical drives. If your drive reads fine in PIO then it may be the IDE drivers.:slight_smile:

To remove the drivers go to Device Manager » System » ATA/ATAPI Controllers. Here you should see Ultra ATA storage controllers. Right click and select update drivers » Select install hardware from a list or specific location » next » Don’t search I will choose the drivers to install » next » You should see “Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE controller”. Select and click next. You may need a reboot or you can right click on My Computer in Device manager and scan for hardware changes.

The drivers I have in there are NVIDIA CK8S PATA Controller v2.5 and NVIDIA CK8S SATA Controller v2.5. Its a Chaintech VNF3-250 Nforce-3 socket 754 motherboard. The hard drive is using the SATA cable.

Should I update to the standard MS IDE drivers for both or just the Parallel ATA driver? Or I assume MS has a standard one of those as well.

Yes Std MS IDE drivers will work for S ATA as well. But I would just try and roll back the P ATA controller and see if that fixes the issue. You could also try searching for an updated nVidia driver from the nVidia web site, some of the newer nVidia drivers work fine.:slight_smile:

You are probably right crossg. I switched to the standard MS drivers for the P ATA and rebooted. Unfortunately the same issue. Burning still works fine. I’ll give the standard Nvidia Nforce-3 drivers a shot. Thanks for the help.


Installed the Nvidia Nforce drivers and still same problem. After resisting the urge to put a bat to the computer I remembered I had a ATA 133 rounded cable that I used for my old hard drive before getting a SATA HD. Figured i’d give it one last shot. Plugged into IDE channel 0 and directly into the LG DVD burner as master.

Started up the comp and its working properly. So it does appear that the Logical unit communication crc error (ultra-DMA/32) that Nero gives when drives can’t read properly do relate to the IDE cables. Funny thing is I was using the cable that came with the drive.

Oh well glad that ordeal is over. Hope that helps ultra 35 and thanks again crossg.

Logical unit communication crc error (ultra-DMA/32)
I didn’t see that error posted but for future reference that error points right to the IDE cable.:slight_smile:

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