LG GSA - 4166b not reading all Dvds?

Hi there, I’m not clued up on which type of Dvds are which but I have an issue with my LG GSA - 4166b drive where it will read some Dvds (like Oblivion and Windows install Dvds) but not others (mainly all store bought Dvds, but also the Wrath of the Lich King install Dvd would not run). They just seem to blink in there and say no disc is inserted.

I can’t run any PC-Doctor checks because I can’t put a disc in, but a quick info tool scan said no errors and could read all the dvd types it should. The issue arose in the last few months where sometimes it would read the movie dvds (took a few goes of putting it in and out) and now just won’t at all. I’ve tried uninstalling the IDE drives and initially that fixed it a few months ago, but doesn’t work now.

On a fresh reinstall of Windows XP SP2 with the latest firmware (1.02) on it. Any help would be great!

Try booting from some DVDs and post the result.

I can boot from the Windows DVD yes. When I’m in command prompt if I insert that or Oblivion I can type e: and access it but when I put in a dvd movie for example Pirates of the Caribbean it thinks about reading it for 10 secs (with lights flashing on the dvd drive) then says ‘there is no disc in the drive’ which is different from when there actually is no disc in the drive where there is no delay at all in that coming up and no lights. In windows it shows a CD icon rotating when I insert the discs too!

And when you try to access that VideoDVD with WinDVD or PoerDVD??

Just acts like there is no disc in the drive, except again it stalls before saying this, unlike when there is no disc where it doesn’t stall…

That was using WinDVD by the way, same for every other program that reads from the drive (Windows Media Player, Media Centre, Nero InfoTool, Intervideo WinDVD, Sonic DigitalMedia) yet it knows there’s a disc in there! I just don’t see how it could be the reading laser thing since DVDs like the windows reinstall and games like oblivion still work! lol

You may check your computer for installed rootkits and viruses first.

How do check for a rootkit? Can these still exist after a factory default reinstall too? (which I just did)

[QUOTE=Saishu;2289264]How do check for a rootkit? Can these still exist after a factory default reinstall too? (which I just did)[/QUOTE]

Yes, in case the HDD were not FULLY formatted…

Download: McAfee Rootkit Detective
Download: RootkitRevealer

I just tried it on a completely new harddrive on our new computer and it didn’t work so I’m calling it some sort of physical problem lol. Thanks chef for your help it was really great but I just ended up popping out and getting a $30 DVD drive of the same write speed that works just as well. Shame since I couldn’t even find out what happened but it’s beyond warranty by a month sigh

Did you try cleaning the drive/lens?

To be completely honest I would be worried about destroying the drive beyond reading any discs lol but if you think it might make a difference then I’m willing to give it a shot! I’ve had bad experiences in the past with small rubber bands flying off and not being able to put them back on or losing them is why I hesitate!