LG GSA-4166B - Intermittant Disk read Problem

Hi all,

Im ahving a strange problem with my disk drive. Lately i have been putting in discs and they jsut show up as blanks disks… i even have the bit on the side that says write “files to disc”, as if they are blank.

It seems to be very random… Sometimes it will detect disk sometimes not. Usually it will.

An example of this is when i bought call of duty 5… i put it in… its fine… installed all happily. Later on i tried to play single player which requires the disc. I started it up and it told me to put the dvd in… i went to the dvd player opened it up and it says blank disc :S… no logo showing nothing. After a reboot the disc showed and i was able to play… then a few days later i tried again… once again NO disc,… so i rebootd … again it says no disc. So yea it seems to be intermittant and random :S which i guess doesnt help with diagnosis. This does not jsut happen with my COD5 disc… it happens with other dvd’s as well. So far i have not had a CD be unable to be read however it seems to be dvd related.

Any ideas it s driving me nuts?

could be dust in the drive, try cleaning it and if that does not work I would RMA that drive