LG GSA 4166B cannot burn cd-r's below 16x

As the topic states, I just purchased my LG GSA 4166B read up on this forum and used mp3mogul’s 1.01 firmware but I cannot get nero to burn any slower than 16x on CD-Rs. Any quick help would be appreciated.

Quite a few DVD burners are starting to show up with limitations on very slow burning and I would guess that the 4166 is one of them. LG has a lot of media with only a few burn speeds. I never burn anything that slowly but the question many will ask is why you need to burn this slowly.

To confirm whether your problem is your burning software or LG you should email LG and post here what your software is.

Well the reason why I need to burn at 4x is because I am a DJ using CD’s, and I notice that burning at 4x gives me the best results on my Denon DN-S3500 players. I use these disc’s almost everyday so if I cant get this slower than 16x I’m hoping 16x will still work well enough in my players.

I don’t know what CD-R media you use but I’d strongly recommend Verbatim Pastels & Super AZO. These two solved problems of playing CD-R in my car stereo & work 100% regardless of burn speed.

If you’re really concerned about burn speed & quality get a Cd writer. I still keep one handy.

If you really need slower, a CD burner only runs around $22 and the Liteon would probably do a better job than the 4166. Try Newegg.com

I still have my older writer which burns at 4x just figured I could get this new one to do the same instead of running another writer.

Thanks tho.