LG GSA-4166 firmware 1.02 available

Someone reported to me that the 1.02 firmware is available via LG auto firmware update software.

( Could someone post a direct link like the last 4163 A106 :
http://lgodd.lge.com/fwdrv/DVD-WRITER/GSA4163A106.exe :confused: )


I wouldn’t mind seeng that either, although my 1.01 is so good I am not concerned.
Interesting report, as LG says the 4166 is not supported through their firmware update software. I’ll have to look at mine later today.

May be available for french users at least, but not anywhere at the moment…

I will confirm this evening.

Doesn’t work for me too this piece of auto- :Z

I’m trying to get it from a guy ASAP.

This sound like a XP SP2 conflict with the LG Odd auto-update software (working well with XP SP1) :

“how many of you are running xp service pack 2 (sp2) because you may find this interesting I recently reformated my machine with xp sp 1 and odd auto update ran fine and was updating when I installed sp2 I was getting the error 7 code and It wont run this leads me to believe that it is a xp sp2 confilct with the program. and thoughs. and by the way hi to you all from oz”

The auto-update problem is a known issue. With certain configurations of Win2k, it will run but will not find updates at all. It just keeps saying there are no updates. Usually it is best to just avoid the auto-update program because of these bugs, but I know in the case of the 4166B, you guys don’t have much choice :frowning:

I confirm the “no updates available” with a Win2K SP5 (Fr) install I run this evening… :sad:

That is what I am running. Btw, there is no SP5 for Win2k, only SR5 (service release 5). Micro$oft refused to release a full service pack, instead they just bundled the patches since SP4 together and called it SR5.

Sorry, it was SP4.

The 1.02 firmware is available first on cdrlabs site : http://www.cdrlabs.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=21225

Then officialy on the LG us site : http://us.lgservice.com/ YESSSSS !

A changelog published by Ian@cdrlabs :

Improvement Point

  • Improvement of recording fail for specific DVD+RW & CD-RW media
  • Improvement of recognition fail for DVD Title

Amongst other things, there are LG 2166 1.01 firmware and 4164 1.01 firmware available on the LG us site…

I upload LG GSA-4166B 1.00, 1.01 (2nd rev.) and 1.02 firmwares here : http://italianjob.ifrance.com
Hope it helps :wink:

My scans with new firmware 1.02.

You guys are great! Not only do you link to the firmware but then I get a 1693 scan for my favorite media.

Much thanks.

Better with KProbe.

BTW, you might want to try KC4B for your 1693. I have seen substantial improvements for most +R, especially MCC 003.


Cool !

ala42 tells me to open the uncompressed exe firmware with WinRAR or WinZIP and you can find the flasher, the firmware in .bin format and a .ini file with those drives :

AutoDetect = 6
; ============================================================
;(0) Do not select (1) GWA-4163B (2) GWA-4164B
;(3) GWA-4166B (4) GCA-4164B (5) GCA-4166B
;(6) GSA-4166B
;(7) Writer 740b (8) Writer 840b
;(9) Dell JW3
;(10)GSA-2164D (11)GSA-2166D (12)GSA-2167D
;(14)GSA-5166D (15)GSA-5167D
;(16)Writer 740e (17)GDA-4164L (18)Writer 840e
;(19)GSA-4164B <<-- Ãß°¡
;(20)GSA-5169D <<-- Ãß°¡

So the external GSA-5166D (USB+firewire) could exist someday ?
There are other interesting model number (5169D, 2168D…)

Hi, ItalianJob

I can’t find LG-4164 1.01 firmware in LG us site, would you tell me where I can fint it ?

Typo, it was 2166 and 2164 1.01.

5169 is a standalone DVD-recorder in an external case already available in Germany.
Look here