LG GSA 4166 and 16 X media



Hi, I am posting about a problem I am having with this drive and 16 X media. I am using Verbatim and TDK media and the drive only reports its capabilities as 4X with this both media. Also when it writes the disk is only readable to about 20%. It works fine with 8x media which is scarce. It does not matter if the disks are + or - R and I have noted that DVD Decrypter reports the Disc ID as Disc ID: 0@P-!-00 on both the Verbatim and TDK media.

BTW I have the drive as a Master and a Benq 1640 as Slave drive. Unplugging the Benq does not help, nor putting it in another PC. Any ideas please before I return it to the retailer.



Three things to try :

  1. Could be a faulty IDE cable. Change the IDE cable. The 4166B is actually a UDMA4 device so use a 80-wire cable for it.

  2. If your system is using nVidia IDE drivers, that may be the cause. Uninstall them and Windows will automatically install its own default drivers. Try and see if that helps.

  3. What version of firmware are you using? If you don’t have the latest (1.02) try flashing to that and see if it does anything.

If none of this works, send it in for repairs.


Okay I have 80 pin cable swopped it out twice. Using latest firmware. Here is the really strange part, I took the drive out and put in a brand new Samsung lightscribe drive and it does the same. Stick my Pioneer 109 into it works fine…I have not tried the NVidia driver thing yet, will do that now. Thank you.


Just an update, driver seems to have solved speed problem, still trying to sort out quality issues…just bought this Nforce 4 motherboard you would think they would get the drivers right by now as the last Nforce board I had was a Nforce 2 board about 3 years ago and this was a problem then too. Cant believe I forgot…


There ya go! Well, some people in the forum have mentioned that using the latest version of nVidia drivers works for them. However, I have no idea which Nforce chipset that applies to. I guess this bit is up to you if you want to spend some more time experimenting with those IDE drivers. If not, it doesn’t matter since things are least seem to be working.

Quality issues are the sort of thing a firmware update will deal with. However, if your drive is already using the latest version of firmware (1.02), then there is no point in looking at that. The next thing is to match the drive up with discs that it likes. The 4166B does quite well with a range of 16x media. Have a look at CDFreaks’ review of the drive for details on what media it likes :


Unfortunately the solution was short lived, it burned 8x disks easily but after the initial jump back to 16x it went back to burning them at 4x which were all coasters…I have returned it to the retailer and am awaiting a replacement probably the H 20