LG GSA 4165B write speed 126x!



Hi guys!
My LG GSA-4165 stops write DVD media! When I check with nero InfoTool I saw write speed 126 , 126 , 63 , 63 , 31 X. What can I do to solve this problem! Can I solve this problem? Thanks in advance! By the way I can write CD-R/RW media.


Then the dvd part is dead.

Try to boot from a dvd…


Yes! Can read/boot DVD media!


Post a logfile from Nero etc.


In first post I attach nero info tool log file, but unfortunally unreadable. Now re-attach.

InfoTool.txt (3.05 KB)


Remove the blank DVD-R, try again please.


Now test is with empty tray.

InfoTool.txt (83.5 KB)