LG GSA-4165B Problem



Hey all ! how are u?

Im having this wierd and annoying problem with my LG GSA-4165B
it just dosent burn anything! iv updated my fireware from DL03 to DL04
and still it remains the same!

iv tried to burn an ISO File through DVD Decrypter software directly into a blank DVD-R and here what is shows:

simillar problem happends in Nero aswell…it worked before i formatted PC just fine…im helpless!



Just a guess here (haven’t used DVD Decrypter in awhile), but could it be the discs you’re using? Can you load one of those discs into CD-DVDSpeed and tell us the Media ID?

Have you tried a different brand of blank disc?

As I say, just guessing. :slight_smile:


Yes what media?


Try checking your hard drive for errors


Maybe an IDE driver problem. Do you use Nforce IDE drivers or Microsoft ones ?