LG GSA-4165B announced



Yesterday I decided buying GSA-4163B and today I’ve read the news section about GSA-4165B :confused: , everytime I make a decidion, something comes up on my way …Anyone gonna share an opinion about this LG announciation?


Welkom into the computer world :slight_smile:


I think I told everyone here that new LG drives were coming soon. :slight_smile: But I didn’t know it was going to be 4165/5165.


i think the LG GSA 4163B can flash to the new drive like 4120@4160. That were great :iagree:


4120@4160 doesn’t work very well as far as I know. Hardware details for 4165 are not known at this time.


Maybe they’ll enable PI/PIF scanning in this model :bigsmile:


Knowing LG probably not. Hopefully this drive will retain bitsetting.


Hopefully, it will have some better capabilities than the 4163B.



Consider it a blessing, now you can get even more for your money.


They are adding LightScribe technology and have scheduled release for April, priced at 99 Euros. They also expect to have SATA models in the third quarter of this year. The image is the 5165B (firewire and USB2), expected to cost 2X.


I wonder who ever will be using Lightscribe? That’s about the most stupid ‘technology’ I heard about in years.


They usually add these kind of features when thehere’s a lack of good ideas about the product so they keep the attention of the customers with these cheap tricks such as LightScribe. Instead they could focus on some major improvements considering reading abilities, i dont think that anyone would wait for the new LG drive just for having LightScribe as an additional option :stuck_out_tongue:


any speculation about what happened with 16x RAM and if thats something that might come in a firmware update?


I will be amazed if 16X RAM comes about. Even though the technology is available, the market for DVD-RAM has to be smaller than that for Mac. Additionally I would bet that a firmware update is not all that is needed. We still need to see 8X, 12X and 16X RW. If LG is where we are placing our bets, they seem to be moving out of the optical market, according to Ken.

I would not bet on Panasonic and I certainly would not buy one of their drives as long as they continue their policy of no firmware updates. I’ll learn to live with 5X and I’m just glad that I could find some 5X media at a low price. If they had introduced this stuff at a low price to began with they might have done OK.


16x dvd-ram is only after final dvd±r/rw specifications will be done
it will be the final point of DVD.
it would be nice2be hd-dvd-ram
but it would’t…
as a hd-dvd-r-dl
but who knows…
time watch…
i think


Everybody has his own opinion … I’m defenitely gonna use it. :iagree:


Yesterday I decided buying GSA-4163B and today I’ve read the news section about GSA-4165B

Same here. :confused:

So does “available in April” mean early April or late April? Also, now that the 4165 has been announced, can we expect to see a price-drop in the 4163, or do we have to wait until “April” for a price-drop?

i think the LG GSA 4163B can flash to the new drive like 4120@4160

I somehow doubt if you can upgrade a 4163 to a full 4165 just by a firmware upgrade. I’d expect that for the Lightscribe to work, you’d need a different kind of laser. However, I’m wondering if it is possible to enable DL-R or faster speeds, or even bit-setting on more types of media by upgrading the firmware of the 4163?


I thought I read somewhere on this forum, that LG first demoed LightScribe with a GSA-5163 and might just not be including LightScribe in the GSA-X163 drives due to licensing reasons.


4163b have a new laser…


NEC just announced a new drive with 16X RAM support. Something interesting is going on out there.