LG GSA-4163BI/ Bitsetting



My main question is wether or not the LG GSA-4163BI supports bitsetting or changing the booktype if these two items are one in the same. I beleive I saw one review on Newegg.com that said it did, but I can’t find it now because there were about 60 reviews. I contacted LG and a guy told me that their drives don’t support, but he did not sound to sure.

For the past three days I have been looking strongly at this drive and one of the BenQ’s 1620 or 25 and 1640. I currently own a Sony DRU-530A about 14 months old. I am just learning about the bitsetting deal and realized my Sony does not support it. So, I am looking for reliable dual layer drive, moderately priced- my reason for the LG- support for bitsetting preferrably out of the box , and will accept a wide range of media brands. If the LG meets this let me know. I plan to put this one in an enclosure to make it external.

I am open to suggestions. So, please guys and gals all personal preferences aside, just the facts. :slight_smile:


Bitsetting works just fine for me with the 4163B, fw A105.


Thanks 2D. Now, I ask. What is your personal take on this drive. I will be making a purchase decision within the week.


I have looking at buying this drive as well.
I think the only prob is that you cant bitset +RW to ROM.
Normal +R to -ROM should be fine.

Full Review at top of LG forum gives the low-down.


Thanks Roos, That’s cool. All of my final stuff I have been putting on +R. Thank goodness because I have almost a whole spindle worth. :slight_smile:


I have the 4163 and find it a pretty fair burner, especially if you can use RAM. There are two things to look into though. I seem to recall that you need to set the LG for bitsetting each time you turn it on so be aware. Also you should look into the external enclosure question closely if you expect to burn over 8X. LG seems to be very picky about chipsets and the one chipset that most of us use for 16X burning specifically omits the LG as a compatible drive. I would be more inclined to go with the Liteon 1693.

See here for the Prolific 3507 chip I am referring to:



I checked the link and I see what you mean. I have never used Ram drive and was considering it. The ability to format the disk and use it like floppy without the use of burning software would have been nice. I currently format my disks with packet writing software such as DLA and drag & drop my files through explorer. But, for now being able to make the drive external is more important to me. The other drive I am strongly considering is BenQ 1640. Am I making a fair choice? Thanks for info.


I am verry happy with my external LG 5163D. I picked it up for a lot less than my LG 4163B plus an external enclosure (that now serves for an external hdd). It has both firewire (which I use) and usb 2.0. You have to be lucky and find a good deal, though.


Tough call as I am not a BenQ fan due to quality control problems and inconsistency. Check out the BenQ forum and make your own decision. If you are really interested in RAM you should probably wait a bit until the end of the year when there ewill be more choices and speed.


I decided for now to go with BenQ 1640. Have been seeing some pretty good reviews in different places and figured I would give it a shot for less than 60 bucks. Yeah, and I will wait on the RAM because I read somewhere that the RAM
speed could increase in the future. Thanks Chas.


Thanks X,
I am going to try the BenQ DW1640 and grab a case for it and see how it goes.


Hope your BenQ works out, my 1620 is a pretty decent burner now that I got the bugs out and the 1640 should be as good as well. :slight_smile:


Ram isn’t obsolete?


Depends on who you talk to. Currently, drive manufacturers are desperate to sell new “features” since drive speed is capped at 16X so they are all introducing new drives with RAM writing capabilities.

I only use RAM to transfer burns on my Panasonic. I would really like to find more use for it, but so far nothing special.