LG GSA-4163BB and Stomp RecordNowMax 4.5

Does this Lg writer work with Stomp RNM 4.5?

Nope. The only LG DVD burner supported is the 4040

I added some files to my RNM program so it would work with my Pioneer 109 and after that RNM also works with my NEC3520 and on both RNM let’s me choose burn speed. I wonder if it would work with LG?

The PX engine update, right?
No, it wont work. Why?
Coz stomp/sonic is not interested to add this drive :frowning:

Do you have RNM 4.5? I ask cause I found a PXengine update that is supposed to allow all new drives to be recognized but I don’t have the LG drive to test it.

Yes…which version is your px engine? 507?

These are the directions that were on a web page that had three down loads which one was the px507 updater and there’s one dll file and a zip file full of .dll’s

Record Now Max 4.5 working with the new DVD Burners

"How to get Record Now Max 4.5 working with the New drives

Record Now Max 4.5 is a bit outdated now but it is IMO one of the best DVD recording apps that produces consistently good results. Later versions of Record Now have various limitations, and one bad point is that you cannot copy OTF from a DVD-ROM drive, and with the very latest Record Now the facilities are somewhat limited even though 7.2 onwards does support Dual Layer burning. The burning engine for 4.5 & 7.2 are incompatible with each other and if 7.2 is installed it will cause problems with 4.5 Also if any PX engine above PxEngine 507 is installed there is the chance that the new burner will not be recognised or at least the burning speed will show up as MAX, MED, MIN and you find the drive will only burn at the maximum speed.
It is possible to have the two versions working in harmony and with the correct speed selections. It needs just a little manipulation of the file system, and here is my work around.

Assuming you have correctly installed Record Now Max without the DLA drivers apply the PxEngine 507 Then place all the *.dll files from this zip into the Program Files\Stomp\RecordNow MAX folder, These are the originals from the PXEngine 507 with the modified PxDrv.dll to give the burning speed to the newer drives.
Reboot the system and try Record Now Max and you should see your burner and have the burning speeds selectable. You can now install record Now 7.2 or above and you will find it will not affect the operation of Record Now Max 4.5.
The reason that this works is the way the Windows system works, when the application needs a file to operate it first looks in the same folder as itself and then checks in the windows system folders and any folders in the windows file path so the first files it finds are the ones in the Record Now Max folder which are the correct working files.
The speed selection is selectable if the drive is in the tables of the PxDrv.dll and I have modified this file to enable it to work with all my latest drives. And normally if you are only using RNM 4.5 and have not incorrectly applied a PXEngine then PXEngine 507 will just be required followed by the replacement of the PxDrv.dll in your Windows\System32 folder the PxDrv.dll can be downloaded from here

For those who need further details here is an alternative quick installation guide to getting the files working for your supported burner.
Download all files you need before proceeding. Good Luck.

Update Method of Existing Recordnow Max v4.5 or v4.6 Installations

  1. Make sure RecordNow Max is not running.
  2. Delete old existing PX*.dll Files from your \windows\system32 directory (delete all px*.dll type files do not delete PX.INI )
  3. Install PxEngine507.exe to update the PX Engine in Recordnow Max v4.5 or v4.6
  4. Manually delete the pxdrv.dll file from the \windows\system32 directory
  5. Replace the PXDRV.DLL with the new one.
  6. Test to see if you have all you DVD drive burning speeds.


New Installation of Recordnow Max v4.5 or v4.6

  1. Delete the old Stomp or Sonic installation directory to Clean out old installation files
  2. Delete old existing PX File from your \windows\system32 directory (delete px*.dll files)
  3. Install RecordNow Max v4.5 or v4.6 and reboot
  4. Manually delete the pxdrv.dll file from the \windows\system32 directory
  5. Install PxEngine507.exe to update the PX Engine in Recordnow Max v4.5 or v4.6
  6. Manually delete the pxdrv.dll file from the c:\windows\system32 directory
  7. Replace the PXDRV.DLL with the new one.
  8. Test to see if you have all you DVD drive burning speeds."

No , i can’t get this writer working with rnm 4.5 , even following these instructions …

any other ideas


Please don’t shout, it’s annoying.
Probably the links were removed with good reason.