Lg Gsa-4163b



hello guyz!! Is it possible to crossflash the LG GSA-4163B DVD writer to any other drive??




It is a pretty good drive already. Is there something you want to do specifically?


It’s a much better CD-R burner than a lot of other DVD burners are, and it’s as good a DVD burner as any other. It just doesn’t support some of the faster rewritable and dual layer media burning.

There are lots of people who lament this drive’s disappearance, so I’m with the other poster above - leave it as it is :slight_smile:

I have one of these and it’s probably my favourite burner.


Amen to that. :slight_smile:

I bought the H42L, mainly for the 12x DVD-RAM, and faster burning DL media.


The 4163B is something of a legend. The burn quality was really good for quite a few types of media. Burn speeds for 16x discs were around 5:16-5:30. These are times which are still very decent now.

The later models in that line did not have very much extra to offer in terms of features. The 4167B, while a decent drive in its own right, screws up royally with 4x TY media (either + or -, I can’t remember which). The H10N did offer 12x DVD-RAM burning, but since the discs are not available outside Japan, that feature is pretty much vapourware.

In any case, as pointed out above, you cannot flash the 4163B with other firmware The later LG writers used different chipsets so flashing with the firmware for these drives (if it were possible at all) would kill your drive.

Best to leave it alone.


I have 10 DVD-RAM 12x speed discs sitting on my desk at this moment - I did not get them from Japan. :slight_smile:

I use them in my E10 and H42 with no problems.



TYG01 (-R). However, it burns YUDEN000 T01 (+R) really well, albeit at only 2x (but that could’ve been an anomaly since I only burned the one disc).

@Rambaud - I’m truly envious :wink:

I love my 4163B though, best burner I ever owned. I keep it safe now :slight_smile:


I might be wrong but as I know 4163B didn’t have -R DL support. Anyway … I didn’t use - R DL at all. Did you use - R DL ?


Nope, no -R DL on the 4163B.