Lg Gsa- 4163b

Can anyone tell me if you can make this burner region free, i am looking for a DVD burner to put into a external USB case to use with my laptop and main computer will this one work ok ( the external case is a Belkin )

Thanks for any help Steve :smiley:

easy peezy ! firmware from The Dangerous Bros.

Will this work ok in an external USB case its a belkin one

Hi :slight_smile:
I have in the past done this successfully. Only problem I had was when flashing updated f/w it would hang. Switching the external device off would cure this & flash was good. No need to reboot pc.(My friend’s daughter uses this now with her laptop).
Not about the Belkin case might not be able to get 16X, 12X might be the max possible.
BTW you cannot crossflash to external version of the LG.

yes, case should make no difference at all