Lg Gsa-4163b



I am new here , given links by my freinds , seeking help
question , after recoding a cdr with latest Nero software , having a error that i can not read my cd , saying unknown format , but the session is complete .
second with burning a DVD , the session is not complete cd is eject , how can i repair … also why nero take too much time for to convert , using other soft like , divxtodvd , the job is done in less then 49min :bow:


Relax and:
Give more informations and more precise please!!!


You dont sleep too much do you? :wink:


Berlin, is a favorite song of mine from Barclay James Harvest.
If you are young you will not know it.
And the wings of love by Wenders which shot there is a great film.
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I am not that young … 1971 that is.
Not sure but wasnt it “wings of desire?”
Really like Wim Wenders - dont know many names (Leonardo who?) :wink:
Cant sleep at night, too, my sleeping “rhythm” is a little bit out of sync atm.
Greetings to Thessaloniki and a good night, I give it a trysigh
Read you later, and hope you will have much success with your movies.
Will have a look at your site later.
Tomorrow will be a hell of a work day I guess :frowning:


sory for that my info were not enough , i have bought this recoder with version A101 , later update with A102 , finding no diffrecne ,
any way after burning a cdr , the nero finished the session and cd is eject .Try to read , unable messege unknown format , i hope yets i have precise :cool:
the nero info tool show nothing on cd , but other hand i have used two new software like , BAdcopy pro ,and Cd/DVD diagnostic, the Dignostic failed to show any things , but badcopy pro show data on cd and copy back on my hard drive , but failed to show what kinds of format :bigsmile:


The title is right, it was desire.
I can see any kind of film.
1968 here.
Not a great site though.
Only a presentation.
Every day in your work thing that if you want:
Dignity is above anyhting, if you don’t like it don’t stay there ;).

It’s more like a software problem, I can’t see the relationship with the drive.
What type of media are you using?
Are you working on Windows?
Is that the only drive you have?


yes TEVION cdr , PLATINUM dvd+r
my question remain … where to find software that can fix session , when cd is not complete , and the recoder make it eject .
second where is the review for this recoder


a)change media,
b)I don’t know if this is possible,


As you syas i have changed the media but problem remain same :bow:

second i have three recoder ,
1- philips CDD 2600
2- LITE-ON LTR-16102B
All of them will not read PLATINUM CD-R 90 min / 800 MB showing in Nero latest version , 79 min / 700 mb why
Also like other media :a
reading the reviews , seems that recoder is not bad . Should i update to A102 , what it will bring … please explain
thanks in regards :bigsmile: