Lg Gsa-4163b Wont Read Ram Discs



I have been using the LG GSA-4163B for reading RAM discs for a few weeks now. ( I have had the unit for 8 months for burning standard DVD’s).

I downloaded TMPGEnc DVD Author this week and all of a sudden my LG will not read RAM discs, but it will continue to read DVD’s.

Any help will be appreciated as I have just brought a Panasonic set top box that records onto RAM disks and I want to edit my recordings.


Did you try to read a DVD-RAM disc recorded with your Panasonic set top box? I understand that there are two formats which are selectable for recording - DVD-VR and DVD-VIDEO. DVD-VR format includes a kind of copy protection which renders the disc unreadable by a DVD-RAM drive on a PC. If you want to edit the contents of the disc on a PC, choose the DVD-VIDEO format instead.

I’ve never actually experienced this myself as I don’t have a DVD-RAM capable set top box. I am only passing on what I have read, so the information may or may not be correct.


I have had no trouble in recording on my set top box, ie recording onto my Ram disc and then putting it in the computer and reading it via a selection of editing and authuoring programmes. i have re-burnt around 10 films onto a standard DVD’s with no problems. i have 4 or 5 RAM discs that have worked ok and then all of a sudden it (LG) stopped reading RAM discs only. i have reloaded the driver but this makes no difference.

so i can only think that there is a software issue as the LG still reads +r/-r _rw/-r discs.


Hmm… ok. That is strange. Can you try and see if the drive will read a new blank DVD-RAM disc as well? Also, what drivers did you reload?


Nope, it wont read new Ram discs either.

The problem happended when i loaded TMPGEnc DVD Author (express version). it read a couple of dics and then ground to a halt. it kept asking for a dics to be inserted into the drive even though there was a RAM disc present.

A few days later i went to the LG site and down loaded driver A105, but i think i had this already. this made no difference.

So i can only assume TMPGEnc DVD Author has corrupted my software somewhere.


I would disagree.


I’m not familiar with TMPEGEnc DVD author so I really cannot comment. If you think it might be the cause of the problems, why not try uninstalling it?

This sort of problem has nothing to do with firmware. LG firmware updates almost always fix problems to do with burning rather than reading. It won’t do you any harm to update the firmware but it won’t solve the problem.


The LG firmware did not help (as advised before).

i have just read a standard DVD and have re-burnt it without any trouble. Therefore it seems that the RAM part of the LG reader may be defective - is this possible? - does it have 2 interal readers/ heads? if it can read a DVD but not a RAM then this must be the problem.


No this is highly unlikely. If the LG can read DVD’s then it is capable of reading DVD-Ram, this shows that the read laser at least is working correctly together with the onboard electronics.
The problem is most likely to be a software conflict some where. It may not be TMPEGEnc DVD author per say that is the problem, but maybe set some other DLL or software conflict.
Try rolling the registry back to a date before you had this problem and uninstall TMPetc…
It wouldn’t hurt to uninstall your LG and ide drivers in device manager to let MS install the default ones after you reboot.


What RAM driver is in use on the PC? What happens when you try to format a RAM disc?


As a novice is it easy to roll back the registry - how is this done? I will give this a go.

As for the RAM drive(?), this I assume is the LG driver which I have uninstalled and re-installed which made no difference.

About an hour ago one of my RAM discs started to work in the drive !! (Without any reconfiguration/ un-installing etc). But this was a slow and painful exercise, i.e. the drive spun around for about 5 minutes making a stop and start noise every so often. I tried this again just now and the same thing has happened. So it appears my LG is able to read the RAM disc when it wants to and at a slow pace, but this is something different to where I was last week when it booted up and read within seconds. So this is really sending me around in circles!


Try with another DVD-RAM media. How is yours rated?


I Cant see the point of this as my Panasonic discs were working fine for about 2 weeks, in both the set top box and the computer.



let me quote from the manual that came with Panasonic DVD-RAM drivers:

When you record onto a DVD-RAM disc with a DVD video recorder, a DVD video camera, or computer software that follows the “Video Recording Standards” developed by the DVD Forum, a folder labeled “DVD_RTAV”, in which all the relative video recording standard files are stored, is created. Do not access this folder and the files it contains with a computer.
If any of the files are erased or changed, you may not be able to play the video on a DVD video recorder or with the video software for computers.
To access these files with a computer, you will need special software.

So there might be problems if the same disc is used in the computer and in the standalone DVD-recorder.



Good point. Great find.


Well, that appears to have been the problem. My Ram discs were read by one programme and then possibly written over by another programme before I had chance to put in a standard dics! So I have re-formatted some of the discs and they appear to be working ok. :smiley:


reading ReadME files rulezz :bigsmile: :bigsmile:



Good job mciahel. This is the sort of problem that drives people up the wall looking for a solution for weeks. Have to remember this in case this sort of thing crops up again.