LG GSA-4163B Wont Read my media - Please Help : )



I just got through the post 100 of these DVD-R’s Datawrite Mach4’s


AS you can see from the list, my drive is listed and my current firmware

LG GSA-4163B (FW1.06): 8x

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the drive and still the same thing. I’ve tried the disks in another machine and they work fine. I’ve also tried another media in this machine and they work fine. The only thing is i’ve never tried DVD-R before i don’t know if that would be a contributing factor.

Does anyone have any ideas why the drive wont see them when it will see other media?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Infodisc :Z

I wouldn’t let that media anywhere near my LG drives. I find they like decent media fed to them, else they tend to struggle a bit.

The fact that other media reads OK on your 4163B tends to make me think it’s the discs - also, the other drives that were OK with them may be a little more tolerant of mediocre media (my LiteOn is, for example).

Someone else may have another explanation, but based on my own 4163’s preferences, I’d lean towards the media. :slight_smile:


Blanks or burned ones?



thing is i always normally use the cheapest i can find. I suppose i can move these onto the guy i tested them in :smiley:


It’s definitely a false economy to use cheap media & these are less for 50 than most spindles of 25. And as SVP state they are cheap & cheerful.

I’ve used the Ridisc Extreme (G05 8x -R) from SVP and despite what most say about these they’re not bad & they’re still quite cheap. The 4163B burns these quite nicely.

Pioneer drives can handle this type of media quite well but as Arachne says the LG struggles with the cheap stuff.


As Tim says, buying cheap media is a false economy - even if you found some cheapo discs that your drives would burn, you’d end up re-burning them a year down the line, more than likely.

Palming said discs onto the guy they tested fine with sounds like a mighty good idea. :smiley:

SVP sell some really good media for only a little more than you probably paid for those Datawrites. :iagree:


I think i shall try and palm off those DVD’s… what’s recommended then for not a huge amount more?


The ones Tim mentioned are £8.89 for a tub of 50 http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=219

Personally, if I was keeping the discs for myself, I’d go for unbranded Taiyo Yuden discs…you can find those on SVP also. Depends what you’re willing to pay, what the discs are for, and how much you value your data. :slight_smile: