LG GSA-4163B won't read any media



Heya people.

Thought I’d go here as a last resort before buying a new drive.

I’ve a LG GSA-4163B Super Multi DVD burner, and it simply won’t read any disks. I read about a similar problem here - http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=178599&highlight=GSA-4163B+recognize - and in several other threads, but so far, nothing works with positive results.

It’s got the A106 firmware, is the only drive connected to the IDE (tried both primary and secondary), and is set as master.

Is it simply dirty? Or is there anything else? After some fiddling with the cables a while ago, I managed to read (and burn) three disks, before the same problem appeared out of the blue.

Thanks in advance,



Its dirty, dying or dead.

Just retired a 4163b which can no longer recognize CDs or DVDs. Symptoms begain with intermittant failures to recognize DVDs, cleaning helped for a while. Then it added inability to recognize CDs or DVDs. And cleaning no longer helps.

Surprisingly it still writes either CDs or DVDs.

I’ve written thousands of disks on this drive and read even larger numbers so it owes me nothing and its replacement is also a Rennassas chip set LG.


What is your PSU like, I know its not the same drive, but I often see problems clear up after a long time the day after the PSU is changed.



PSU issues shouldn’t be the case. Only the 4167B suffered from such problems.