LG GSA-4163B wierd bad burns on TEAC media

Hi all,
I have a wierd problem.

I’ve got a TEAC DVD+R 8x media (recognized as PRODISC R03 by Nero InfoTool)

Whenever I burn somethingm (8x speed), some of the files are good, but some are bad.
If I try to burn the same image again, I get the same CRC errors in the same files. It seems that it always burns badly at the end of the compilation (e.g. the last one to two files written).

Did anyone see such a problem?
Any suggestions? What should I do?

I have bought this writer 3-4 days ago, and immediately upgraded to the A103 firmware.

Thanks in advance!

Try again with better media.

I switched back to A102 and it burnt successfully!

Something fishy with this A103…