LG GSA-4163B vs Benq DW 1640 (and a couple others)

These two drives are available at about the exact same price. The LG won the editor’s choice here but it’s also older. The part of the review where it says that the LG could have better compatibility with media kind of put me off a little bit. Also, is the Nec 3540A or the Pioneer DVR-110D better than either of these?

I only have the LG out of all of them.

I like it for it’s quiet operation, solid construction, and it’s ability to burn quality media very well.

Now with added Media Code Speed Edit support makes it even better.

GSA-4163B is older than Pioneer x10 and BenQ DW1640. If you want scanning and QSuite 2.0, clear choice is DW1640. Pioneer’s been longest in the market. 4163 and 4167 are fastest writers for consumer DVD burning if you only use media like Mitsubishi 16x DVD-R. Quality’s usually good in all of them also including the 16x burners of Lite-On, NEC, Samsung, Toshiba, etc. Media compatibility depends too much on which and which media you choose to experiment with when media availability varies from region to region by very much and different stores sell different media in many situations.

The LG is a GREAT burner! The BenQ is a very good burner that also can scan and rip very well. If I could only have one I’d buy the BenQ. I use the LG for burning far more often than the BenQ. Heck, don’t ask me to choose.

Ok guys, I bought the Benq 1640 and it should be here soon! Thanks.

Nate: Experiment with media, but I would first try a good brand (Verbatim or TY) of +R media. Oh, and read all about your new toy in the BenQ forum.

Good choice! PS/ those were all great burners. It all depends on what you want. Buy two plus a spare!LOL