LG GSA-4163b vs Benq dw-1620(both with latest firmware)

I can’t agree more. The time spent on so pointless arguments can be spent on earning enough money to buy both GSA-4163B and DW1620 unless one earns something like US$2 per hour (like many South Koreans do.)

actually I have a 4120b…but when I get a chance it will be sold for the 4163b

A friend of mine bought a 4160 because the 4120 were sold out, and he doesn’t care about bitsetting (in fact he probably doesn’t even know what bitsetting is)

I know this might sound stupid and probably this question has been answered before but, since both drives are so identical, if someone really wants bitsetting in his 4160, can’t he simply flash it with a 4120 firmware?

Unfortunately, it seems LG firmwares for DVD writers are rather difficult to hack and not many are interested in the work. I don’t know whether it’s technically possible to flash GSA-4160 with a 4120 firmware. I haven’t seen a real GSA-4160B yet. :slight_smile:

It all probably proves again LG should have skipped GSA-4120B and GSA-4160B and instead introduced GSA-4163B in early 2004. It would have made LG rethink about overspeeding since there were practically no 16x DVD media on the market. :slight_smile: