Lg Gsa-4163b Vs 4167b

4163 and 4167 which one to go? Is it the 4167 is not that stable compare to 4163?
Advice pls


I just picked up a 4167B and I am quite impressed by its performance at this early stage. It beats my 4163B quite handily on some discs during the limited media testing I have done. Of course the 4163B should be more well-rounded at present considering its firmware is much more mature, but I have no doubt it will be just as well supported. I also believe the design architecture is more adaptable with WOPC features, and it seems to handle low quality media a lot better than my 4120B, 4160B, or 4163B ever have.

Thank for the advice, at lease a good news for 4167B. Any others 4167B users? Because at my place here, both model price is near. But after i read the 4167B new firmware threat, seen like some1 is complaining the unstable of tat drive. So need some comment n advice from both users exspecially the 4167B.

cbjwthwm: The 4167B got bit setting? My friend told me tat 4163B got but dunno about the 4167B cause the drive just reach. still new here.


Well, I just bought LG GSA-4167B and tried out my first DVD burning with a Mitsubishi (8X) DVD+R, and the speed that I use to burn the DVD is set to 4X, And the speed is fast (I mean, when I burn approxiamately 3.7GB data) It only took me around 10 minutes to finish the burning (writing process) :clap: Not bad though. Well, something to add in, the drive support Booktype setting

4163 is the king so far, as I am concerned.
When I will hear good words -that I don’t- I will replace my 4163 with one of this kind.
Bitsetting is vital for me as I am using 99% +R.If I will buy one drive this is a no or yes to go for me.

Sorry, support booktype setting, so mean that it support bit setting too right? Sorry super DVD noob here.


bit setting=book type setting. Same thing.

I have the nec 3500,the Pioneer 108 and the lg 4157b.In those 3 i like better the LG.For now the drive write dvd’s at there rate speed and so it was for the nec and Pioneer at the Beginning.Since firmware DL12 the drive performe a lot better,1 are 2 more firmware and i think it will be as good are better then any other drive.

I have owned all three of those drives as well. The Pioneer 108 was good and had nice burn quality but was fairly slow.

My ND-3500A was pretty good and great for cheap media compared to my older LG’s but was too aggressive and would always produce POF’s on media it claimed it could overspeed to 16x such as Sony 08D1 and others certified at 16x. I also found it claimed 48x CD-R support but speed-restricted a lot of common media such as Sony, and write quality wasn’t great on some CD-RW media. This happened on all firmware versions including 2.1A. It had nice build quality and a smooth tray mechanism unlike my Pioneers which usually vibrate when retracting. I recently sold it.

I just picked up my 4167B so I have only used firmware DL12 and it has been pretty good thus far, although I did find bugs burning some less-common CD-R media (Plasmon in this case). As usual it has LG’s great build quality and a smooth tray mechanism.

LG is not good for overspeeding but for quality burns…
I have burned over 400 disks with no problem at the disks!

My LG overspeeds TaiyoYuden 8x+ to 12x and I get amazing results. The same with Verb MCC003.

Ofcourse Alan, I meant in general at the way BenQ does.
I have had a 1620pro and while it was overspeeding many media at 16x
the quality was bad.That’s what I meant.
4163 overspeed some media from 8 to 12x but it is not exactly 12x.
I don’t trust overspeeding anymore.I use to burn at the rate speed
of the disks.That’s all.

I have both a BenQ 1620 and GSA 4163B. As of now I primarily use the GSA but for some media like FUJIFILM03 I use the BenQ.

As for overspeeding I have found that the quality of the DVDs are lower when burned above rated speed… It only saves you like 1:30sec anyway, I dont know how much you burn but thats not much time when you consider the crap quality you get from overspeeding.

Can’t agree more.

i have both 4163 and 4167; i prefer the 4163 myself; it does 8x fine (i don’t usually do 8x) whereas the 4167 tends to struggle on the lead-in at 8x. as to media i’m a Verbatim Datalifeplus freak - lately it’s many 100’s of TYG02 (Verbatim TYG02 variety - very nice) and mixture of 8x -R and +R Verb Datalifeplus. the 4167 is doing fine at my preferred 4x though…

Hello, i have a question. Is it possible to disable the region setting for a 4167b?
I originally wanted to replace my old region free creative dvd player with my new recorder, but now i found out that you can only change regions 4 times.
This sucks, i thought manufacturers had stopped the region bullshit ages ago.


You can find region free firmware for the 4167B here :