LG GSA-4163B Transfer Rate Problem

Hey guys. I’m hoping I can find out just whats wrong here. First off, my comp specs:

1.1Ghz Pro
512Mb SD-RAM
60Gb HD
LG GSA-4163B Internal 16x DVD Writer w/A105 firmware.
Media: Memorex 16x dvd-r

SO, the problem: I ran a Nero CD-DVD Speed test, after noticing that my burns always took the exact same amount of time no matter what speed I set the program to burn at. Somewhere around 30-50 Minutes. The results of that test are that my transfer rates start around 1.66x and then fall to a steady 1.46x. Obviously, this is somewhat disturbing. Are there settings that can be changed to increase this rate, or am I forever stuck burning at close to 1x speed?

Any help would be appreciated.

Check the DMA settings of your source and target drive.

Thanks so much, that worked wonders. Now I’m burning at at normal rates!

if you don’t mind, can I borrow your thread, currently I am using the DVD writer externally, which menas with the support of an enclosure, my question is, will the DMA settings affect my burning speed if I didn’t put it as DMA if available? As I am using USB to connect the drive to my laptop. thx in advance

When using an USB drive, the DMA settings only count for your source harddisk.