I just Bought this burner on Saturday Feb 26th. I am running it on a new computer 3GHZ processor 512 meg ram 128 MB videocard, with XP 2005 home (media center edition) blah blah blah.
The drive worked fine at first. I used it to look at an 8cm DVD-RAM. I was able to read and download all my jpegs from the disc but I noticed that when I watched a movie clip the audio was missing. I down loaded some more jpegs from three other discs (all 8cm). I then tried to play a short clip from a program I recorded from TV onto a 13cm DVD-RAM. I was not able to read the disc. I got a program not responding error and shut the program down using Task manager. The drive now refuses to recognize any DVD media at all. It will not read the DVD-RAMs, it will not see a blank DVD-R, it will not play a pre-recorded store bought DVD. It will however still read CD’s with jpegs or play various video files from a CD and it will play a music CD. I wondered if there was any conflict with windows XP so I uninstalled the software and reinstalled it. No luck, situation unchanged.
When I was re-installing the software I did notice that there was one file that was locked. Has anyone come across this problem before. Could this be a hardware failure? I actually bought the no hassel warranty so I can easily get a new drive. I’m just wondering if need to. I know that the lenses in some burners are prone to misalignment or burnout. Could there be a problem with this hardware that still allows the burner to use CDs?

Yeah sounds like the dvd lens is out of focus. I would return it.

The same happen to me after 1 month of faultless operation.
I believe it is just dead and I’ll have to send it back to where I bought it !
No problem reaidng/burning any CD.

You should try copying the video file to your hard disk then try playing it from there. The transfer speed from your DVD-RAM may be too slow to be able to play a video. BTW make sure DMA is enabled for that drive.

For the missing sound, use GSpot to verify that the sound codec is installed, or use a player like Media Player Classic that has codecs built-in.

The locked file is a bug with Windows Explorer, when you open a directory it scans the video files in the background and if the file is not as expected it hangs. If you reboot the PC the file will not be locked anymore, as long as you don’t go back to that directory.