LG GSA-4163B some help please

Hi all,
I recently purchased the LG GSA-4163B drive.
I wanted to make an audio cd, so before i use -r cds i decided to use an rw cd to test how it comes out. When i tested, i got no errors. But, the rw cd only plays on the lg drive, (i tested on my other cd drive and another computer but neither can read it.)

My second problem is that i can not see cd-text info…
using the lg drive, i tried using winamp as well as windows media player and all i get is unknown artist and track #. The only place i see the titles and artists is in the nero program when i click the icon to display disc info. I dont undestand why this is happening.

Could anyone suggest solutions or where the problems are/might be?
thanx alot!!

I have attached a copy of the file generated by Nero InfoTool if it can help

I would update your firmware to the latest A105 (your text file shows A103 currently) and then continue your testing. If the disc you are using happens to be a Memorex branded Infodisc 24x CD-RW I have had problems with those discs after repeated burns.

It’s also a very good idea to full erase any RW media you have been using on other recorders before attempting to record on them on the 4163B.

I think it could be a problem with my cd since its an old infodisk 650 rw cd which can write at a max of 4x. I updated the firmware to A105. Im going to try buring a fully erased cd again and see what happends.

Im not sure if im selecting the right options for burning, Could someone explain which options needs to be selected for cd-text to appear?
I have both feurio and nero so either or both would be greatly appreciated.

If these tests fail using the rw, im going to use a memorex -r 700mb cd anyways, so i need to make sure im doing the right things in setting up to burn a cd with cdtext.
Thanx a lot for anyhelp!

Apps like Media Player don’t pick up CD-Text for some unknown reason.

Presumably the CD-RW was finalised/closed by Nero which might explain why other drives/PCs might not play the disk.

BTW CD recordable media is CD-R or CD-RW. The concept of -R does not exist with CDs.

You could try Burrrn (www.burrrn.net) which will write CD-Text without you having to set anything.

Infodisc 4X CD-RW were bad RW media as well, usually with problems on the outer areas of the disc. I have a couple of them as well. Many drives simply won’t burn them at all. You can see some of the bad results in the media forum on this site which has confirmed my experiences with them.