LG GSA-4163B Slow Burning Speeds

My LG GSA-4163B is slow on burning discs. DMA is ok, so that isn’t the problem. I used a speedpatched v 105 firmware and TY 02 -R’s are burning @16X are taking approx 9:30 to burn. My drives have all been defragged. Any ideas?

Have you checked the DMA on your hard drive?

That can slow burns down substantially.

Some motherboards have an “Enhance ATAPI Performance” or something similar which will restrict the speed on burners etc if it is not enabled. Just ran into that tonight on a Gigabyte motherboard. It was restricting the burst rate to 14M (tested using Nero CD-Speed), and enabling it got the burst rate up to 24M. In this case DMA was enabled, but speed-restricted by the BIOS.

Burst rate is 26mbs. DMA is Ultra DMA 5 on hard drive.

If you’re burning with Nero , apply the registry patch that shows the real burning speed. This can be most useful in explaining why things are not happening as you think. This patch is in the Nero/Incd section.

4163B’s will also do this on media they sense can’t handle the selected speed during their init process. I had one which was failing which would always scale down to 6x when 8x was selected, but only on certain media. I replaced my drive and the problem went away, but it shows you that the drive does determine its own max speed during the init process. This symptom remained on all firmwares up to and including A105 with that drive. It could very well be what is happening here. Drives also do this when you use non-TY media which is faking the TY code. It may offer the higher speeds, but it will detect it can’t handle the actual TY speeds and scale down to the stock speed. I have media which uses the TYG02 code such as Osidisk and Optodisc DVD-R 8x media that show these symptoms on numerous drives.

If you mean it may be burning faster than I think, I’m going by my clock…not what the burning program is showing. I’m using Prassi’s ONES & DVDDecrypter to burn. Prassi shows the speed never going above 8X.

TimC was referring to “burning speed”, not to time required for burning.

You should add this key to windows registry: it show actual burning speed during burning process; not the clock.

Open a notepad and put the following text in it


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Recorder] 

Then change file extension from .txt to .key and double click on it to include on registry.

I just made a coaster on a TYG02 by burning it @16x with my GSA-4163B (fw 105). I burned hundreds of these successfully at lower speeds (12x on BenQ, 8x on LG). If I had not tested the disc on my BenQ (several times, as it seemed to play OK at first), I would have stored it, thinking it was OK. However, I saw the Quality Score degrade (with lots of POF’s appearing) within minutes. Over time, this disc will probably become totally unreadable on most standalones.
So, back to 8x burning for me. Being able to burn a certain mediacode at 16x does not mean it is advisable to do so.

thx geno888 I was looking for this key

Wouldn’t help since I don’t use Nero.

I read with more attention your post: Sorry for my mistake