LG GSA-4163B - Ripping DVD Problems?

Hey guys I use DVD Decrypter to Rip my DVDs and it seems my LG GSA-4163B is having speed problems. Cause I am sure on my Old Phillips DVD-RW Drive it went much faster. And when I bought the LG Drive I thought it would be about the same our faster. So is it the Software our the Drive?

It seems the frist 5 Mins to Be stuck around 1X - 4X and Stays around the 2-3X Then it suddley jumps up to 6X and over. And Stays at about 6X-7X I guess that is the top speed.

So why does it start off really slow?


LG 4163 has riplock, so ripping a full DVD-9 (pressed double layer) takes about 17-18 min.


Oh :frowning: Dam