LG GSA-4163B reviewed at ExtremeMHz.com



Via CDRLabs.com news page, I found this review link, too.


LG GSA-4163B Triple Format Double Layer DVD Writer Review
Model: GSA-4163B

Manufacturer: LG Electronics

Provider: eWaggle.com

Reviewed By: Miguel

Review Date: 01/16/05

Slow load times. :wink:


Faster 4x double layer writing
Automatic booktype to DVD-ROM on DVD+R and DVD+R DL discs
Excellent media compatibility
Good ripping performance
Overburn CDR capability to 94min using 99min media
Continued full DVD-RAM support


Slow load times
No 99min CDR media support [/I]


I would buy one again.
But honestly, the reason the drive didn’t get the “Extreme Excellence Award” is poor.


I agree. :slight_smile:

I have noticed the slowish load times, but it doesnt have a negative impact on what the drive is made to do, which is burn CD/DVDs.

Which it does rather well by the way :iagree:


is this drive quiet when spinning?


Quieter than most :slight_smile:


extremeMHZ are getting better. at the time they did everything they could to find all the bad things about 4120B which is an excellent drive. Well, then they saw that serious people like CDRlabs “dare” to love the drive and finally understood that despite of what some people think about LG drives it is not all true. perhaps they will dare to finally give their “excellence award” to the next LG drive…well, if they grow up :rolleyes:


I don’t know if I’m missing something here but a pro having overburn CDR capability using 99min media, but then a con saying the 99min media is not supportted?


It supports overburning up to 94 minutes (what they think is a good thing) instead of the standard 80 minutes, but it can’t overburn up to 99 minutes (which they say is a bad thing). So a bit in the middle.


Hm. I didn’t feel GSA-4163B’s load time is slow. It seemed rather fast.

And isn’t load time also affected by disc? I’m not sure whether E-MHz meant “recognition” time.

My opinion on the E-MHz review is that its GSA-4163B review was done well for a website remotely dedicated to DVD recording. There are probably at least hundreds of people here who read far more than their reviewer about testing a DVD recorder.


Which is also a bit strange. Why support up to 94 instead of 99? :wink: I don’t use 99/90 min anymore and I wouldn’t spend a second to test whether a drive can write to 99 minute CD-R disks. :slight_smile: (Who care about GigaRec and Sony’s 1.4GB CD?)


This drive has an advantage.
DVD-RAM. It’s a completelly new writing format, over the others.
And for that only, it should be awarded.
Plus that I haven’t had even a single failure, in terms of media recognition.
This was a shock to me :wink:


DVD-RAM is not exactly new. LG first announced they were going to release DVD writers that can write to DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, CD-R, and CD-RW in 2001. At that time, very few people on these recording hardware sites seemed to believe it. LG first released DVD writers with DVD-RAM, DVD-R, and CD-R writing features in the late 1990s. Samsung also sold some of such drives then. I can’t remember correctly but LG probably used Hitachi drives while Samsung was using Matsushita drives. DVD-RAM itself was perhaps first introduced by Matsushita to succeed PD.

If I remember correctly, Apex was the first optical recorder with space of over 4GB per media, but I never had one because an Apex drive in South Korea was sold for about US$3,000.


I know Ram isn’t new.
I meant that is a new format, in terms of what others, bundle on their writers.


Hello to everybody present here on this great forums, as you all can see I am new here as a member bud i am reading this forums for a few months and i must say that you guys rule. As I already said i am new in DVD and planing to buy a writer, I have read all the reviews about LG and i must say that i am impressed. I had a few doubts about it and i am thinking between LG 4163B or Nec 3520. Already have for almoust two years LG CD writer and never had a problem with it. So i am asking you shoud i take LG or NEC. I can see that sverkalo is very plased with this drive and i sent him a private message about this drive, still no reply.
Thanx a lot in advance and keep up the great work. Sorry for such a long mesage, hope that I didnt put it in a wrong place, if i did plase erase it. :d :slight_smile:


No message recieved, sorry.



First of all, welcome on the board.

CDFreaks rules is that one forum member does not and must not PM others for questions that properly belong to open forum boards. The details are available from the sticky threads.

NEC ND-3520A is rather an awkward model. It uses a different chipset from ND-3500A. Whereas GSA-4163B is a big step ahead from GSA-4160B, faster, more, better, newer, and cheaper, ND-3520A is not necessarily better than ND-3500A. Compared to GSA-4163B, ND-3520A does not provide great advantage except the great firmware modifying and helping community which is available for both BenQ and Lite-On. Moreover, BenQ and Lite-On support PIE/PIF scanning.

Therefore, it should be what you want between LG features and BenQ features (dropping Lite-On because BenQ is far better than Lite-On for 16x DVD writing.) If you want DVD-RAM 5x and P-CAV 16x, choose LG. If you want QScan, PIE/PIF/Jitter scanning and aggressive overspeed writing for a wide selection of DVD media, choose BenQ. The most important criteron is always price unless you are willing to spend more in which case you should really buy both without any hesitation (which I did.) Prices and customer support differ greatly from country to country.


@ Kenny
Thanx a lot for all sugestions and for a such a quick reply!!!
My intension is to back up data from my hard drive to a DVD and ocasionaly to copy some good movie, not interested in testing PIE/PIF/ and other tests. I know that it is not good idea to use writer to rip DVD movies, but I think it will do no harm for ocasaonaly riping, what is your opinion.
Again thanx alot!!! :slight_smile:


Hi, just wanted to ask where did you purchased drive and what was the prise, last time i checked in ΠΛΑΙΣΙΟ it was something like 88 euros with VAT. Do you know any better place to buy a DVD writer in Thessaloniki. I have watched in some small shops they only have NEC3500 or LG4160B and prices are ripoff, a100 euros for a 4160 is a little to much dont you think
Thanx in advance!!! :slight_smile:


Are you from here?
If yes, buy it from ΠΛΑΙΣΙΟ for 88.50 Euros.
Is a great deal and you will have 2 years warranty.
e-mail me at kidfilms@in.gr


For ripping occasionally and mainly writing DVD disks, GSA-4163B should be fine as long as you use only good-quality media. :slight_smile:

Look at the sticky threads and media compatibility threads if you haven’t.


@ Kenny
Thanx for reply, I am aware that media quality is the main factor here. With my 8523 I’ve ususaly used Intenso CD-R and I’ve burned something like 200 of these and had only one disk that was not good, for me thats a good reusult. Alchocol 120% reports that this is Moser Baer Media India, weird thing is that NERO’s CD Speed doesn’t report anyting on any disk, I had a Sony CD-r which were great too not a single problem and of course Verbatim also no problem. Now I am going to Buy this 4163 few disks from Intenso few from Verbatim and few from Fuji and TDK after I will make some tests. So I willl know what to use in future. Certainly I’ll use Verbatim to back up my data.

@ sverkalo
Thanx for a tip, I will go later today to take this drive. I was a little bit confused about warranty cause on ΠΛΑΙΣΙΟ’s site it says 1 year but I asume that you bought it there so you know, also they don’t give good info on things they sell, many mistakes in specifications given for some products. For 4160 they say that warranty is 2 years and for 4163 is a year. But no problem for that I am going directly to a store.

Talking to you guys soon :slight_smile: