LG GSA-4163B random speeds in Nero

My 4163B is acting weird with Nero. Sometimes is detected as capable to write only DVD-RAM, sometimes CD-R/CD-RW, sometimes all types, sometimes all except DL and +R/+RW and sometimes with random speeds like 9x or 61x.
Use to work ok if i start the program without media inserted, but sometimes detects all types but can’t detect the speed for the media and goes blank. Closing the program and opening changes the results. Normaly use Verbatim DVD-R 8x, sometimes detects as 8x and records only in 8x, other times detects 8x and leets me choose between 4x and 8x. Once detected 8x but recorded at 4x speed (but always shown 8x everywhere). Same with other media.

Updated firmware to A102, tried Adaptec ASPI 4.71.2, Nero ASPI and no ASPI, now using Nero, same results shown with and and, using Windows XP Pro SP1. DMA is on.

Please help.

Instead of help, I can only subscribe to your list of weird behaviour - I had one unit for testing and I was amazed that most media is supported at 4x max(!). Even 8x-R certified discs that can be written at 12x on Pio108… Maybe the unit is best for good media but using affordable discs can be deceiving…

That’s why we try to provide as much information as possible mostly at our own cost. If somebody didn’t read those posts and still complain what media do not work at the rated speed, this forum is not the best place to complain. Instead, test properly and report the results here so that OTHER USERS can know before they decide on the type of media they are going to purchase. Since not everyone can afford buying all kinds of media distributed in the world, lots of information will be left out and just the more people provide voluntary test results, the better. Unfortunately, only very few people seem to do so here. For best results, use only the types of media that are widely reported to work in GSA-4163B with the best results. If you want to keep the drive, I mean.

A103 firmware will soon be released, if not already, but more media support and higher write speeds will probably be added in even later updates, if any. Again, without proper reports and feedbacks on this forum, I don’t think there’s going to be much change in the media compatibility policy. That was one of the very reasons why I proposed this forum but so far member participation has been nearly zero. For better “community” support, just use one of the latest 16x DVD writers from Lite-On or NEC or BenQ.

Half a year later found the solution accidentaly. Half a year using nero and hoping to detect the correct speeds and formats (not like 49x and DVD-RAM only, I got the most bizarre combinations).

Somehow IDE controllers were reverted to windows defaults without notice. I put back the real drivers and never failed again.

I hope this might be useful if somebody has the same trouble.