LG GSA-4163B quit working



I have a LG GSA-4163B that’s a little over one year old, I’ve had no problems with it until now. It will not play ANY CD, professional or ones I’ve previously burned with it It will not burn a CD or DVD, I’ve tried several different brands and types. I’ve tried opening a picture file and clicking copy to cd and going through that process, I’ve also tried Nero 7, neither work. When I put a disc in the drive, the light comes on for about 30 seconds, then goes off and it doesn’t do anything. When I try to burn a CD, it keeps saying No disc in drive etc.

I have my Windows XP set to automatically update, and have also update Antivirus AGV, so sure both of these may have updated since my last use of the CD/DVD burner. I’ve not changed anything else since the last CD I’ve burned. I’ve burned several DVD’s before Christmas and it worked great.

I have a DELL 8100 Dimension, 768 MB memory, 1.5 Pentium IV Processor, 120 Gig HD and 50% free space.