LG-GSA-4163B problems? pleas help

i have recently purchased the LG-GSA-4163B and been having a few issue and woudered if anyone can help. first it wont let me do quailty scans using nero on DVD-Video and some DVD-R and RW it says could not start. second i have 12x CDRW media and it would only alow me to burn at 10x. third i bought some 8x DVD+R and it writes them but has a hard time reading them(this problem i think is down to poor quailty media tho cos my other dvd rom can only ready them at 2x). One last thing i thought this drive could record 16x on 8x media and 8x on 4x media RW does it only apply to certain disks at 8x and 4x etc thanks sam

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Many of your questions have been answered, so you could do yourself a favor by using the search function.
The GSA-4163B can not do quality scans.
Dvd-burners are more geared towards dvd’s than cd’s. It is nothing to be worried about if a certain type of cd-rw can be used at 10x in stead of 12x.
Your last point is important. Overspeeding is only possible with certain media. Look in the Quality Scans thread to find which mediatypes can be burned with good result at higher speeds.

k just saw quality scans on the reviews. thought i was doing something wrong. also if a certain media is 8x and can be used at 16x does the drive tell me like in nero by making 16x avalible or do i have to unlock something etc… thanks

Only people with multiple burners can do quality scans. Usually they use BenQ/Philps or Lite-On drives for this purpose.
Yes, the LG GSA-4163B tells the software (Nero or anything else) which speeds are possible with the media you place inside the drive. You don’t have to do anything special for this.

AFAIK, the 4163B with A104 firmware can only overspeed certain 8x DVD+R disks 12x. It won’t overspeed any other speed of media and it won’t overspeed -R media either. Not sure about RW disks though.

You can try using MediaCodeSpeedEdit though. You might be able to overspeed 8x disks to 16x with that but I do not know for sure. More info about that in this thread.